Favourite Performances of Immoral Characters

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Recently I was slapped in the face by the Internet being stupid, which is something I rarely comment on because I know it won’t help. BUT when Sam Rockwell’s winning streak is being criticised, with arguments that he plays an unlikable character Dixon, who represents everything that is wrong with our society (a racist and […]


# 149 – Shameless

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Before the Americans copied Skins (which I watched for 3 min to see that the copy-paste from UK’s Skins made American Skins so bad that I didn’t even want to torture myself all the way through), just weeks before, a new USA version of a show called Shamless premiered. And this show is a whole […]


# 132 – Shameless

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Apparently I am not watching enough shows because I keep stumbling on new ones I want to watch. This one I found totally by accident (which just shows that I’m not looking for new shows to watch) and I thought it was quite different. Not every TV-show is about a drugged out father and his […]