Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Revivals and Reboots

Usually I don’t struggle with Television Editions as much as I have this year. Not that the themes are bad, they are absolutely wonderful! But they simply fall into the category of me not having any experience with them. So, instead of bringing you three I have seen, I’m putting together a to-be-continued-list. Having seen most or majority of the original shows, I’m bringing out three revivals that I want to see. Despite me being extremely hesitant about revivals *cough* Gilmore Girls *cough* due to their ability to ruin everything.

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Commercial Break: Slay Me

It’s time to sit back, grab some coffee (or tea), and dive into a massive post called Commercial Break. This time I look back to 1,5 months of movies, shows, books and music. Which, honestly, is a lot of things to discuss in one post. But if I can write it, you can read it! By the way, I’m skipping the life stuff because it’s been a little rocky lately. So let’s stick with the professional blog related stuff.

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CB: Lots of Things In Between Scotland & Amsterdam

It’s been another hot minute since I last posted a Commercial Break but I’m determined to keep this feature up and running. Hopefully I figure out a better alternative for 2019, because it’s clear that keeping these weekly posts going might not the best solution. But, it’s still 2018, and there’s no time to waste – here’s what’s been happening.

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