Ireland picture edition #1

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Since I’ve been taking the summer schedule thing way too seriously by not posting at all, I thought I’d give you guys a taste of what’s keeping me from staying indoors – the beautiful scenery all around me! It’s not that I don’t want to post reviews and stuff, it’s just that I can’t seem […]


WW: Summer schedule

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Using the word summer might be a bit rushed, since it starts on June 21st, but I always associate school breaks with summer – and school basically ends in May. Never mind the fact that I’m currently not even going to school; I’m sticking with summer starts when June starts. Or in my case, my […]


WW: Mid-week Roundup

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I never thought this would happen but I’m in a serious need to update on news in the middle of the week because there’s just too much! First off, the Lammy’s are almost over, secondly, a lot of shows have wrapped up and last but not least, many new fall schedule shows are already making […]