Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Favorite Cinematography

This week’s theme of cinematography is the kind that could go either way. I could go with any beautiful looking movie or any stunning scene that I remember for its cinematography. Do I have solid favourites? Probably not. I feel like there are too many to choose from. So I did what I do best. I went with a theme within a theme and that helped me narrow things down.

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Top 10 of My Favourite Movies I Saw in 2019

We are here, the final post, the last top 10 for 10 For 10 blog anniversary celebration. Thank you all for dropping by, for reading, for commenting. It’s been a hell of a 10 days and I can’t believe I did it… For my last post I decided to type up the inevitable list of  top 10 of my favourite movies from 2019. I haven’t had the chance to see all the movies I planned (some probably top 10 worthy) but I did get to see some great ones. Thank you again guys, for being here! Here’s to another 10 years! (God, I’m gonna be so old by then..) Oh and do let me know which was your favourite top 10 list!

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