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Thursday Movie Picks: Child Actors Venturing Out of Typecasting

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Not going to lie, reading this typecasting theme for the first time gave me hives. It is a brilliant theme, don’t get me wrong, but it also expects some serious thinking. I had to ask Brittani for help because this typecasting thing was for some reason very difficult for me. Even now I’m not sure […]


Spring Breakers (2013)

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This post is designed towards giving away too much information – putting it simply, spoilers. Everything you’d know before watching Spring Breakers will most likely work against it. The over hyped sexual context, the lack of clothes, the Disney graduates and last but not least, the egoistic James Franco. Yet, Harmony Korine manages to create a […]


# 174 – Beastly

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There isn’t much to say about this movie, rather stupid and really annoying with its naive story-line. Since the movie is based on a book that is based on the all so famous “Beauty and the Beast” – I could say it is the book’s fault but since I don’t want to, I say that […]


# 164 – Sucker Punch

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So I finally went to the movies again – yay for that. A big slap for the movie choice though, Sucker Punch managed to be an absolute storyline failure. Though the visual and musical aspect of it all saved it a little bit for me. But watching this at home in front of a small […]