Nymphomaniac (2013)

nymphomaniacSpoilers are most likely going to spoil the movie.

Whilst watching this movie I kept thinking how I would rate Lars von Trier’s latest Nymphomaniac because its good, its almost close to perfect but there’s still something missing. Even after its powerful ending, I’m certain that the movie was just a warm-up for the Nymphomaniac: Volume II which, based on the teaser at the end of the first movie, will be more shocking, more out there, more sex, more twisted and hopefully perfect.

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# 51 – Life Before Her Eyes

After watching this movie (2007) I had to think, really put the pieces together and see beyond the story that was shown in this movie. I loved it. I read somewhere that it recieved negative critics because it was too complex – well, have you seen Estonian movies? (What am I saying, the whole Europe loves complex movies). Yes, it was confusing at the end but I think that the messy ending made the movie better.

Visually it was cool – there were scenes and close-ups that made it interesting. They literally gave the movie more depth and I think that to some that is maybe hard to crasp. You should do so much thingking while watching this movie because it is deep (in a beautiful way sometimes) but in the end you have to focus and take in everything you see. You might loose the main idea behind the movie (based on a book by the way) but I’m sure you’d be able to come up with it after you put the scenes in the right order. The flashbacks make it a little too ruffeled but I liked that – I like when things aren’t fed to me on a silver platter because it requiers my knowledge of semiotics (I might have some after 2 years I persume) to see the whole even if it is shattered to pieces.

Uma Thurman plays grown-up Diana and Evan Rachel Wood the teenage Diana. Have I mentioned before how much I like Evan Rachel Wood? If not, I’ll do it now – love her! Compared to other teen actresses (like Stewart or Duff) she seems so comfortable in her own skin. I mention Duff because I just watched one of her old movies and I loath it – the way she stands feels like she is scared and uncomfortable and just yuck. In Life Before Her Eyes Wood gives a performance some what similar to the one in Thirteen but not so troubled and not so mad at the world.

I give it a 4+ since I think that this was the first and the last time I will watch that movie or who knows – maybe next time I’ll take better notes (some of the quotes were worth remembering). Nobody knows for sure.