Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Opening Title Sequence

This week has brought me back so many wonderful memories. You see, I used to do these Intro posts where I just put images from the opening title sequence into a post. I did shows as well as movies but like many of my features I didn’t do that long. Though putting together this week’s post did make me smile in the best way possible so who knows, maybe I’ll bring that opening title sequence feature back (but don’t expect anything). Here are three opening title sequences of TV shows that I still remember for their visual appeal and song selection.

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Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Anthology

So here’s the thing, I had to cheat this week and it’s a rare occasion for a Television Edition post. The thing is, I had no proper knowledge of what anthology means in relation to a TV show. That meant I had to ask, and after some help, and checking blogs to see what they had posted, it became clear. But it also dawned on me that I haven’t seen that many anthology shows, and some of them I’ve stopped watching. So instead of recommending shows this week, I’ll be sharing with you my guilt list. Here are three anthological shows I still need to watch!

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2014 in Retrospect: Part 2

good new tv

The second list in the 2014 in Retrospect series is a good one! And it also means that only good lists will appear from now on because why focus on the bad when you can celebrate the good. Since I’ve been especially fond of television shows lately, I decided to highlight 11 (because I couldn’t narrow it down to 10) newcomers from 2014 that definitely made an impression. And I didn’t really want to rank these shows but the following list is still sort of in a particular order.

Check out the 11 television newcomers that left an impression !

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March Favorites


Another month brings us another bunch of favorites that I want to share with my lovely readers who have made March into the blog’s most successful month ever (not counting in the mind-blowing January of 2013). Have I mentioned how awesome you are because I really should mention my gratitude for you all more often. That being said, next to my constantly growing viewership there were obviously lots of other great things for me to enjoy this month.

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True Detective (Season 1)

True DetectiveNo spoilers, continue without fear.

I’m sitting here behind my computer, sipping blueberry tea and wondering how the hell did I just watch eight episodes of True Detective back to back and yet, have no idea where to begin the discussion on this HBO’s newest hit series. That’s probably the most excruciating feelings a blogger can experience, that of having so much to say that making sense would probably be a far fetched illusion.

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Intro: True Detective


Sorry for the yellow frames around some of the images, no idea why that happened.

Get ready for the longest, most in depth intro post so far! No, I’m serious, I’m not even going to downsize the images, I’m going full out because that’s how beautiful True Detective’s intro is. No, scratch that, that’s how freaking epic the intro for True Detective is! I instantly fell in love and that’s why I threw my schedule out the window and decided to fit this post in this week. And in case you’re wondering, I love the show as well. For me it’s something between The Killing and Zodiac, with phenomenal performances by the two veterans of the business, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Also, it’s so refreshing to see big time movie actors return to TV lately (Kevin Spacey in House of Cards as well) which just goes to show how the quality of television has risen to a level of pure awesomeness. I’m just.. yes, I’m a big fan but I guess my endless rant here already hinted that.

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