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Bae-Watch: Ranking 10 of My Current Baes

The always wonderful Margaret over at Cinematic Corner ranked her boos on Twitter ages ago. And of course that gave me the idea to rank my own. Because, let’s face it, this blog deserves some eye candy! So here it is, eye candy time! Based on my current mood and emotional state (fragile and hormonal), I’m […]

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Top 10 Movies I Want to See in 2013

Though this list should have worked better in January I can’t really say I was looking forward of seeing any movies throughout January to April, so the timing is actually perfect. I put them in order of my own anticipation and not the actual release dates because it seemed more interesting.

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My Top 50 Favorite Movies (part 1)

This post is almost like an introduction to the actual 500th post which will be the second and final part of this Top 50 scheduled for next Wednesday. Before you continue looking at this post, remember, THIS WAS THE MOST DIFFICULT THING I’VE EVER DONE! Seriously! Lists and actually prioritizing things into an order is […]

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