Hidden Gems: Tom Hardy

Going to spoil the surprise but I’ve been having a great time with Hidden Gems in 2021! The choice to go all British is giving me a lot of joy. Especially this month with Tom Hardy because I got to see two UK releases I’d missed over the years. Plus, that accent!? So delicious. While I was a little off with one of my picks I wasn’t too bummed about it. Though I guess it depends on how you look at it. Anyway, here’s to another successful Hidden Gems month!

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Top 10 Movie & Tv-Show Beards That Are So Perfect That UGH

You know that feeling when something’s so perfect that you just hate it. Yeah, there’s a word for love and frustration all rolled in one – it’s “ugh”. And you know what usually makes me grind out that word, beards. Really good beards. Because no matter how closely I look, or how many times I inch towards that screen, that beard is not as close to me as it should. And yes, this is a lust post – enjoy!

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Looking Back: 10 Movies That Shaped Me in the Last Decade

One of the hardest things for me, even after blogging for close to 10 years, is listing things. Listing movies in a particular order, naming favourite TV shows, putting performances in a certain row – just any kind of list and I’m hyperventilating. So instead I’m deluding the pressure by creating a non-list list. In other words, I’m going to talk about 10 movies that shaped me in the past 10 years. It’s a tribute to the movies that left an impression on me. Not necessarily about listing the best movies nor even the absolute favourites. It’s about 10 movies that changed me or gave me something to think about. Movies that pushed me or challenged me, that shaped me into the person I am today. Movies that, for better or worse, will stay with me forever.

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Dunkirk (2017)

Some of my favourite films are directed by Christopher Nolan: Inception, The Dark Knight (mostly because of Ledger) and I also have fond memories of watching Memento as a kid. I even remember being fascinated by Insomnia when I saw it years ago. But then there’s also Interstellar which I didn’t like at all and nothing could make me want to see that movie ever again. So before seeing Dunkirk I was expecting greatness but I also had that nagging worry inside my brain that the last Nolan movie was a space opera I almost fell asleep to. So my emotions were all over the place before the movie. My emotions after the movie were even more scattered, but for entirely different reasons.

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#MettelRaySe7en: My Movie Alphabet Vol 2

While there might be some things that never change, we as people still constantly evolve just like the world around us. Our thoughts, our tastes, our opinions – with every new grain of information something in us could change completely. We might idolise someone one minute and cringe our noses at their stupidity the next, we might find a movie absolutely brilliant, only to fall out of love with it two years later. And it’s fascinating to see and compare our present to the past, which is why I had this crazy idea to compile My Movie Alphabet Vol 2, almost five years after I posted the first one. To see how I’ve changed… and how much I’ve stayed the same.

For more information,  click here for the blogathon announcement post.

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Commercial Break #26

26 tom hardy mad maxImages: 1) Tom Hardy by Greg Williams 2) Mad Max poster by Andy Fairhurst.

For the life of me, I can’t settle on an opening and it’s frustrating since I woke up with a solid plan to swiftly finish this Commercial Break so I could return to my reading. Part of the problem is the fact that I’m having a hard time remembering what happened this month besides Mad Max: Fury Road because that’s all I think about… that and Tom Hardy.

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The Dark Knight Rises

And the time has arrived, I’m now finally posting a review on this summer’s most anticipated movies. To give you an idea of my struggles to write this post, just know, that this is the third draft for The Dark Knight Rises. It was and still is difficult to form precise thoughts on Christopher Nolan’s end to the Batman trilogy and possibly the end of the best Batman story ever told. Needless to say, I’ve been thinking about writing this review for weeks and every time I try to analyze the movie I get stuck in this area of vague feelings flouting around. From the moment of walking out of the cinema up until now, I have been certain that I liked the movie rather than loved it but with every draft I keep confusing myself and these vague illusions of “loved it” keep popping into my mind so, even after almost a month of contemplating my feelings about TDKR I still have no idea, if I like it a lot or love it.

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# 275 – This Means War

To keep things on a lighter note, I will do a review on this romantic-comedy I saw when I was in Tallinn again. I wasn’t thrilled about it because I had heard bad things about it and usually those bad things happen to be perfectly correct. And that in mind I sat in the cinema and watched This Means War.

To be honest, I liked it, I liked it a lot! I don’t know if I am foolish to do so or I am just a lousy wannabe movie critic or I had one of those “I love going to the movies” feelings that took over my body – who knows. But I felt like I had to be honest, so there you go, I liked it a lot. The reasons actually go beyond the movie itself. The story was cheesy and unbelievable to the furthest degree but isn’t it with all romantic comedies?

Reese Witherspoon was the leading lady who until dating two guys at once was unlucky with love. But when she starts dating Tom Hardy after meeting him in the dating network-site where her page was set up by her friend (who I don’t even want to talk about) she also meets Chris Pine. There you go, two reasons why to see this movie, the chemistry between Pine and Hardy was just a sight for the eyes itself. I also think that Hardy’s lips on a big screen had a mysterious effect on me.

Of course this movie has a 6,4 score on IMDb and of course the movie gets bad reviews because the whole idea behind it is ridiculous beyond measure but I am not looking at that. I know romantic comedies could be much more logical, they should but it’s not how they are. The rom-com’s have become unreal stories with unreal hot people being single in the beginning of the movie – this is how they are and this is what I am not even looking at. I guess I am saying that I liked it because I was entertained, the fun side of me enjoyed it and the serious and critical side of me was resting at that time because if not, I would have felt bad of spending my time and money on that. Besides, what woman wouldn’t like a bromance between Chris Pine and Tom Hardy – I know I would and I did.