Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Favorite Films by Steven Spielberg

Well, it’s another Thursday and this time I’m recommending my three favourites from the filmography of Steven Spielberg. To be very honest, I had to look it up because for the life of me, I couldn’t think of any from the top of my head. It might be my brain but it also might be the fact that I love these movies but I never think about them as Steven Spielberg movies. I don’t know why, it just somehow never comes to mind first when I think of these movies. Except one of them.

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Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

edge of tomorrow

Right from the start I knew there were going to be some expectations, as there was that tiny anticipation bug because it was sci-fi and I had seen the trailer a few times which, in my opinion, managed to set up the premise for Edge of Tomorrow quite nicely. That being said, I never even considered that Tom Cruise would manage to wiggle himself back into my good graces and deliver a great performance in a movie that I’m probably going to consider as this year’s best sci-fi action movie.

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Jack Reacher (2012)

jack reacherAfter the successful action experience with Skyfall, I thought why not welcome Tom Cruise, the forever an action star, back into my life. As a child I was a big fan of Top Gun and I think (I’m not sure about most of my childhood movie experience) Risky Business as well – maybe it’s just that scene of him dancing that I have imprinted in my brain but there’s no point discussing my confusion any further. The point is, Tom kind of disappeared for me and even though Jack Reacher was surprising, I don’t see Cruise becoming my favorite again any time soon.

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# 188 – Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol (trailer special)

It has been almost five years since Tom Cruise had a mission that was impossible but it seems that he has found a new one, the fourth movie of the MI saga is called Ghost Protocol but I doubt it has anything to do with ghosts. By the looks of the trailer it seems that it is a typical action packed movie with Tom climbing something (again) and winning the heart of a beautiful woman (probably). For the director and the screenwriter (Brad Bird and Josh Appelbaum) this is the first time they are working with a mission that is impossible so maybe it would be some what different than the others. The cast has a promising outlook as well, Tom Cruise of course is Ethan Hunt hunting the bad guys, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway are also in this: making it a rather decent muscle (except for Pegg) show. Do I think it would be great? No. Do I think it would probably draw out a lot of ticket sales? Yes. Is it going to be worth it? Depends – if you want action, this is it, if you want substance, this is not it. But we’ll find more out on December 16th, 2011.


# 31 – Kngiht and Day

It has been a very long time since my last post – finishing the semester had me writing so many things that the idea of writing something pther than school related things made me sick. Plus, I had this deep need to celebrate summer that has finally settled down in Estonia! But just the other day, I had my first visit to the cinema in a long time. It wasn’t because I really wanted to see a movie, it was more like a group decision to spend some time. “Knight and Day” was our choice and let me just say, I gave it a 2+ on my way out of the theater – no I’m not sure, 2 maybe.

Why am I so critical? Well, mostly because of a boarder reason – there hasn’t been any movies in cinemas that I MUST GO AND SEE! There is off course “Sex and the City 2” – don’t want to see it (on a big screen) and “Eclipse” where the last one would be pointless since I haven’t seen the second part, “New Moon” jet. Is it because movies have caught up to this point that they are pushed out to soon, they seem to be unfinished and sloppy in places. (most movies, not ALL of them)

“Kinght and Day” starring Tom Cruise (haven’t seen him for a while) and Cameron Diaz (who has apparently got a lot older) was a disappointment in so many ways. First, the whole story was way too simple in my mind and there wasn’t enough action to push that simple story over the edge. There was action! but every time it ended, the movie came to an halt and the main characters had their long and winding dialogs – I felt bored and I have to admit, I yawned, sorry Tom!

Thanks to my oh so lovely IMDb, I checked out Tom Cruises latest career – he did the Hitler theme movie “Valkyrie” in 2008 and then he had a 2 year break and now, “Knight and Day”. It almost seems like a small comeback moment going on there – or is it just a warm-up to, hold your horses ladies and gentlemen, “Mission Impossible 4”. Yes, it is coming, another secual to the popular “MI” is on its way (with the English man who likes the occasional drink, Jonathan Rhys Meyers rumored to play in it also). Was I desperately waiting for the fourth, not really – but I’d like to see how that turns out, maybe it if it works out there could be the 5th one also or maybe it doesn’t work out and there still will be a 5th one! (like with Indiana Jones and its on going movie making). Never the less, Tom Cruise is back in the movie world, with 12 movies coming up (including “MI 4”) according to IMDb – hope he does better with the others than with “Knight and Day”. I blame the script! It’s always about the script, and usually there is nothing good about it!

To my surprise it has (it being “Knight and Day”) a 6.7 rating in IMDb and Roger Ebert gives it 3 stars. Oh well, maybe I was in a bad mood and hated the fact that the movie didn’t tell me anything new – I want to get something out of it, sure the action is great, but frankly, it didn’t excite me because I knew what was going to happen. It is also a romantic comedy, a bad one again – how she manages to trust a man who kills a lot of people, knows how to land a plane and drugs you occasionally. What a great man in that context, isn’t he? (He off course is the good guy in the end, but she doesn’t know that?!). The fact that she trusts him so much annoys me still – why is romance so stupid to look at (cause it is made stupid) when it is supposed to be amazing? This actually reminded me of a great action/romance movie, the first “Speed” with Bullock (love her!) and Reeves – why that was a good movie! (Not counting in the second one). Did Diaz and Cruise have that chemistry, at first maybe yes, but then it seemed pushing it over the edge and the scene where he walks literally through cross-fire to kiss her – well, yeah.. I can’t even finish that thought.

Anyway, I had a nice time writing this post and I hope to be back soon with better reviews and happier posts. See ya!