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Thursday Movie Picks: Female Buddy Movies

Thursday Movie Picks

Despite being a female myself, I haven’t seen many female buddy movies. When I think of buddy movies I go instantly for the comedy. It’s just a natural way to go. And I think comedy isn’t my favourite genre at the moment so I don’t have many to recommend. So instead of taking the funny route, I tried to pick less obvious way. Here are three female buddy movies that are a bit darker. As always, there’s a theme within…

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Hidden Gems: Brad Pitt

Actor/Actress Hidden Gems

There were a few hours left of May when I sat down to write this. Not because I didn’t want to, or that I kept putting it off… I was simply very busy and this month had a very crazy start.  But I didn’t want to miss the deadline so here I am. If this sounds coherent or has some typos, it’s because I didn’t have time to proof read it. Anyway, it’s the fifth Hidden Gem of 2020. Almost…

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