# 103 – TVD

I don’t want to sound like a shallow fan (like those Twihards and little girls wearing Team Wolf T-shirts) but I absolutely LOVE The Vampire Diaries. I’m sorry, yes, I’m that girl! But I can’t help it, the only thing I can do is explain my deep feelings for this show that go beyond my secret crush on Ian Somerhalder (which now isn’t a secret anymore, oh well). So those who want to know reasons why you should watch this show, go ahead, read my post dedicated to TVD.

I’m not a fan of Twilight! Let me get it out there once again because I think I’ve said it before. But the things I am a fan of are yes, usually supernatural. Hence my deep respect for shows like Supernatural, True Blood, Being Erica, The Listener, Buffy, Angel, Misfits and yes, my favorite show at the moment, The Vampire Diaries! I get that some of the shows do not have vampires nor werewolves but I consider time traveling and reading peoples minds also supernatural. Anyhow, back to the main topic, I’m about to list 10 reasons why you should watch TVD if you for some unreasonable reason aren’t watching it already! Here they are:

# 1 – Ian Somerhalder

I couldn’t resist the urge to name him as the first reason, sorry Paul Wesley you are great too but.. I like the bad boys! Can’t help it.. I like them in movies, TV-shows, in real life (over the years I’ve found out that this bad boy thing is a really really really unfortunate thing in reality!) – so Ian Somerhalder who portrays Damon Salvatore, the dark and evil brother, gets to be my favorite. Which by the way is really not a bad thing, I am a pretty normal fan – no scribbling Ian’s name in my notebooks nor having Ian pillows in my room!

Some of you might know him from Lost, he was the first one to die on the island (funny thing is, he was the first one to be cast as a passenger on that plane) – but he had some guest appearances during the flash-backs. Others might recognize him from the modeling world – with those eyes, who wouldn’t be a model!? Ian is a part of a lot of organizations that help with keeping the Earth clean and saving water, recycling etc. He has three cats – so he is a cat person like I am, so now you understand why he is the first reason.

# 2 – Elena Gilbert

I should mention that I have read the books and when sometimes movies and TV-shows change things, I usually don’t like it, but Elena in the show is much cooler than in the books! Honestly, making her from being a blond into a dark haired girl was in my opinion the best choice ever – I couldn’t imagine her being blond, doesn’t suit the character at all. Plus, she seems a lot more determined in the show – in the books she doubts her love for Stefan and she thinks a lot about Damon but in the show this is much more at ease. Which is bad for me, I am team Damon captain, leader, first lady what ever, so seeing Elena’s love for Stefan annoys the hell out of me, but I get it.

Nina Dobrev is quite okay, her being able to play two different women at the same time is better than the Lindsay Lohan version of twins so I’d say she is doing rather good. She also is pretty as a cupcake!

# 3 – the writers

I have to give a thumbs up for the writers as well, they do a very good job with keeping the tension up the whole season. At the end of the first season I really couldn’t wait for the next one and when I thought the first episode of the second season would be enough to feed my appetite they managed to write the whole beginning of the second season as intense as the first episode. So far the whole season has been so interesting and good that I don’t want it to end, but meanwhile I can’t wait for the third one.

But they aren’t good only considering the seasons, they have done a decent job in writing the characters – different from the book of course, which is another good thing about the show. Similar to True Blood the writers aren’t afraid to do things that aren’t from the books – yeah, the characters are inspired by the books but most of it is all about the show. For instance Elena’s brother Jeremy is a made up character for the show, plus her friends Caroline and Bonnie are also some what made up – they totally dismissed Meredith from the books and kept it a little lighter on the friends front. So yeah, if you are a fan of the books, you should really think about the fact that the show is a different thing on its own which has evolved so much more thanks to its writers and who are not messing up the entire plot by making it intolerable.

# 4 – Paul Wesley

I guess I have to mention the other brother sooner or later so why not make him the fourth reason. He is handsome I have to admit but the character who he is portraying, Stefan Salvatore is a bit too much for me in the show. Sure, he seems like a nice boyfriend and he really cares for everybody, but the whole going bad thing for me showed that he is weak. I like my characters strong and ready for anything – but surely this just shows that he is in fact a human.. in that wider sense that he as a vampire has faults like humans have. (This reminds me the whole Damon confession thing in the second season which makes me sad and a little happy because that was a wonderful bomb to drop on the viewers – we know it (we kind of new it before too), he knows it, but Elena doesn’t – awesome!)

I don’t know a lot about Paul Wesley himself except he similar to Nina (who was born in Bulgaria) is somewhat European (go Europe!), Poland to be exact. He has spent most of his childhood summers here and knows Polish – not a sexy language I think, I’m more of a French, Italian and English accent person myself, but I’m up for Paul speaking some Polish in the show (Nina did the whole Bulgarian thing just last week as Katherine). Wikipedia (my trusty information source) tells that he enjoys snowboarding and has shown interest in directing and writing – so who knows, maybe if he does something besides acting he might grow on me a little more cause he really has that handsome thing going on too.

Side note: I just found out that the creator of the show, Kevin Williamson (who did Dawson’s Creek) is openly gay. A fun fact to those who know that my other favorite vampire show True Blood’s creator is also gay. I see a connection here!

# 5 – dramatic humor

I find this to be a rare breed of writing in TV-shows, so far Supernatural for me had that (they might have lost it in the 6th season) while True Blood has something that is on a completely different level, sarcastic humor which is even more rare. Glee is trying to do the sarcastic thing, I think.. but I actually don’t know what Glee is trying to do because lately I’ve started to not like it as much as I did. Back to the topic, TVD has a dramatic humor.

Let me explain as good as I can, it makes me laugh but it isn’t funny – I mean, mostly it involves Damon because he in my mind is the perfect dramatic funny guy – he does something bad and then tells the punch line which usually makes me laugh. Dramatic humor! Not really trying to be funny but ends up being funny, not ha-ha funny but.. hi-hi funny. I should really start considering taking classes that teach me how to express myself in a manner which people could understand what I am saying. Until then..

# 6 – vampires, werewolves, witches and warlocks (?)

This show has everything, I mean at first they had vampires and a witch, now they have werewolves and apparently male witches aka warlocks. So basically it is a better version of Twilight because the vampires do not sparkle! They don’t! There are so many great jokes to could be (and are being) told about the famous sparkling vampire but glitter is the new IT thing amongst women for men, cause the ladies apparently still like themselves some sparkle. Anyway, TVD vampires also can walk under the sun yes, but they do not sparkle! They can do it because they have rings that protect them from the sun. Yeah, I know how stupid this might sound but every other movie or show nowadays has vampires who can walk in the daylight or try to walk in the daylight or sparkling in the daylight etc. TVD just does it with some style.

The other actors who play those supernatural beings are mostly too very pretty and handsome – some are still human, some have rings that can do other stuff. But trust me, TVD has a lot of supernatural going on!

# 7 – the vibe of it

I don’t know if it is me or does TVD seem a bit darker. I mean, compared to 90210 it does seem to use more darker colors and it always seems cloudy even if it is sunny. Sure this is of course something that is well thought of but I still think it is worth mentioning. The whole vibe of the show is some what broody and dark, just the way Damon is…

Sorry, got distracted with Damon, anyway – the show looks visually pleasing and it is important to have that slight elegance in the darkness which makes the whole show look clean. I hope you understand me when I say that, but I think it is important that the characters look good and fit into the whole vibe of the show. TVD is consistent.

# 8 – the big L (logic)

The big question is how logical can it all be, how good is the writing and the acting and the plot and the things the characters do – TVD has everything under control at the moment. I’m pretty sure if there were any vampires in real life (and there aren’t!) they would watch TVD – I mean it has bad ass vampires and good ones and ones that are good and bad at the same time plus all the other supernatural things.. I wonder if it is possible to make a show only based on vampires!? They seem interesting enough but I guess they are nothing without the moon puppies, woof-woof.

So far I haven’t been disappointed about TVD doing things out of character, they have kept everything moving and do not do the “every episode is a new episode” thing but they have gone with the not so common “like a long movie” seasons. I enjoy it, although it is so frustrating to wait for the next episode if they keep ending every episode on a high and then throw a cliffhanger and then change the cliffhanger in the next episode and oh I just can’t wait for the next episode.

# 9 – cause it is thrilling

They do a fine job keeping the thrill up and when it seems it is about to cool down they bring in a new character! They like to do that, bring in new characters – sometimes they kill them off really fast but some stay for a while. But I really don’t want to tell much about the thrilling things, you have to see it for yourself because…

# 10 – the main reason you should watch this is that

You will love it! (If you like supernatural things.. )

# 70 – The Vampire Diaries


Just finished watching The Vampire Diaries season 2 premier “The Return” and I just sat there with my mouth open while the last 5 minutes of the shows first episode of season two rolled in front of my eyes. If there is a great way to make a season start, this is one of those ways! Just hard hitting shock moments with questions about the next episode and the whole season rising into your mind.

The saddest thing for me was to see Damon getting those “I love only Stefan” quotes from both Katherine and Elena. And then the shock moment of him killing Tyler who didn’t really die because Elena’s father probably gave him the ring that saves people from supernatural death. Why? Oh, why did Damon flip out like that! And why is that both Elena and Katherine love Stefan? or is it just Kathrine playing the game like there’s no rules?

Anyhow, this season premier just made me want to write about it – it was that good! Hope the next one will deliver many more jaw dropping moments!

# 8 – TVD 1×20

Spoilers ahead. Let me clear out that I have been a fan of Damon’s since the first episode, so to see his good side come out in these last episodes is quite refreshing. Also, it’s absolutely wonderful that Stefan the I’m-such-a-good-vamp is not so good at all and like it turns out in this episode, he was the one that lured Damon into the dark. Elena and Damon should do something together again, I like their sarcastic vibe when they talk. Some shockers, Pearl died – too bad for Anna but good for Jeremy cause now Anna stays? And should I even mention the big finish, this would’ve been even bigger if it happened at the end of the season – you know what I mean – Elena’s vampire mom is back – hello, Isabel!

# 5 – Vampires

Vampires – they have been around for a while but it seems that it all went BOOM when Twilight managed to crawl into the minds of the teens. So here’s a short list of TV-shows and movies that are about vampires – the list of course is based on my own knowledge (it means I have seen them all).

Buffy – I remember seeing that show on TV but earlier this year I decided to watch it from the beginning (oh the special effects) and I must say: I LOVE IT! I would like to think that Buffy is the grand-mother of all the vampires that have come after her, the show is funny (not just because the quality of the special effects) and it has Spike! But the fun part I think is what appeals to me the most, making fun of the apocalypse and the dead – where else can you find such a fine portion of sarcasm and true irony.

Angel – I’ve seen the 5th (the last) season and to be honest, I watched it because of Spik. But like in Buffy, Angel too has some humor and great characters, so those who like Buffy will like Angel as well. But let’s admit, Buffy came first and because of that will remain first.

Twilight – I read the book, I liked the book, I saw the movie and now I have only hate left for the Twilight saga. This is all I have to say about this movie at the moment.

Interview with a Vampire – THIS IS A REAL MOVIE! If all those Twilight fans would just admit to the same fact, I’d be happy, because Brad Pitt is ten thousand times better than Robert Pattison.

The Vampire Diaries – While Buffy had Spike, TVD has Ian! At the moment I specially enjoy the Stephan going bad story-line that is going on and I can’t wait to see some drama between the brothers when Elena gets her hands on Damon (it will happen, I promise!).

The Vampire Assistant – this movie ended in the strangest note and there isn’t anything specific I remember of it, so I guess it wasn’t very good.

Supernatural – Okay, I’m cheating a little bit because Supernatural isn’t about vampiers but there was at least one I can remember (Dean saying: “Eat it, Twilight!”).

True Blood – also based on a book like most of the shows and movies nowadays (except for Buffy, Angel and Supernatural) and I have only seen the first 4 episodes or something. I didn’t enjoy it and I actually don’t care about it, so I’m just gonna name it.

Blade – oh, Wesley Snipes as a vampire, OK action movie (I think there are 3 and I mean the last one which has Ryan Reynolds in it).

Van Helsing – Hugh Jackman, should I say more?

So these are the ones that come to my mind, I think that there could be some that I have missed but I hardly think that they are worth mentioning later because if I can’t remember them now, then they don’t deserve remembering. I have to admit, every show/movie gives vampires a whole new meaning. TVD has magic rings, Twilight vampires sparkle! – but one thing they have in common is that they seem to make vampiers look hot! I mean, they have been dead for years, but they still look like something out of a dream – Blade and Van Helsing not so much but Spike and Ian can’t be everywhere, right?

NB: There is even a book for this kind of a addiction I might say, “How to date a Vampire” – sure, I want to know, but my question is, how to find one since they are fiction and all.. Guess I have to write my own book about vampires – it’s the new IT- thing I’ve heard.