The Vampire Diaries

Favourite Performances of Immoral Characters

Recently I was slapped in the face by the Internet being stupid, which is something I rarely comment on because I know it won’t help. BUT when Sam Rockwell’s winning streak is being criticised, with arguments that he plays an unlikable character Dixon, who represents everything that is wrong with our society (a racist and […]

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Commercial Break #35

It is back! Last time I took a commercial break, it was September and I have no idea what happened because I never planned for this ridiculously long hiatus. Technically a lot has happened, but not really. It’s just another adult life slowly drifting towards old age – in other words, my birthday’s this month and […]

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Linked 18/11

Finally back from my trip and like I have said before, swamped with school work left and right – all while I’m also contributing to the new site called The Artifice as a writer. More or less just lists, trailers and small essay type of posts are planned for there while Mettel Ray Movie Blog […]

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