Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Twisty Thrillers

When I first read today’s topic, I thought it said Thirsty Thrillers.. which would have been a very funny theme. Maybe in 2019, I could recommend Thirsty Thrillers as one of the themes. It would require listing boring thrillers that try too hard. But we’re still in 2018, and I am recommending the good ones, the there’s a twist around every corner type thrillers. I’m going with a theme-ish selection by picking three 90’s thrillers with one word titles.

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The Fate of the Furious (2017)

Fast and the Furious is one of those movie franchises that I’m familiar with but not too comfortable with. Like, I’ve seen some of the movies, none of them more than once and I think I’ll never watch the seventh movie – even though I watched the eighth. And it’s very unlikely that I’ll ever revisit the entire eight movie either, even though this movie surprised me a lot. That being said, I can’t deny the fact that I won’t seek out gifsets of Jason Statham saving a baby in the near future.

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Breaking Emotions: Smiles, Thrills, Hate & Love


Previously this week I took on the challenge of posting all the scenes that create such emotions as Fear, Awkward, Tears and Surprise and it turned out quite well I think. Well, tackling the last four emotions was much more difficult, for example SMILES and THRILLS were easier picks, but HATE and LOVE were little harder to crack. Even now I’m not sure if the scenes I have listed with the last two emotions are actually the ones I want to share, but you’ll be the final judge of that!

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