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Thursday Movie Picks: A Discovery/Exploring

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For some reason, when I think about exploring, I think about kids. Probably because children are curious and brave, and tend to go on adventures more frequently than adults. I’m not saying adults don’t explore, it’s just the concept for me is very strongly related to child like curiosity. Which is why my picks heavily […]


Commercial Break #33

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Image: Michael Fassbender by Caitlin Cronenberg It is Friday again and I’m in the midst of enjoying yet another vacation. Sadly though, this week has passed in a blink of an eye and the only thing I will hopefully accomplish is reading four books from the Throne of Glass series, including its prequel. I know, […]


The Maze Runner (2014)

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This here is a spoiler alert. The hardest thing is to dislike a movie you love… sounds confusing and trust me, I myself am confused as well. Everything in relation to The Maze Runner is pretty much unclear to me, except the fact that I love Dylan O’Brien as Thomas. So, while I have issues […]


Commercial Break #11

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Grab a cup of coffee, or if it fancies your tickle, tea, and sit down for a long post of random rambles because I have a lot of stuff going around in my brain, heart and other organs. That and I’m heading for a long awaited vacation which could mean that there could be a […]


Commercial Break #5

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Since I’m having one of those inner-need-to-write-kind-of-motivation feelings at the moment, I decided to sit down and chat about stuff in general before I loose this sensation! Reason why I’m worried about this is mostly because I’ve been really trying to finish up my thesis and that is, putting it lightly, exhausting my brain. It’s […]