Top 10 Books That I Liked A Bit More As Movies

I’m starting this week off by bringing you ten book to movie adaptations that I thought worked wonderfully. All these books are okay, some are actually very good, but others simply aren’t as strong. The point of the Top 10 list is that the movies were better than books. Yes, I love some adaptations a bit more than the books and that is rare. By the way, I’ve been reading less books lately, so if you have any recommendations to me (to get out of the reading slump) feel free to leave those in the comments!

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Thursday Movie Picks: Coming Home

My Thursday Movie Picks journey started this year on August 25th, and it has been a great challenge in so many ways! So I will continue with Thursday Movie Picks in 2017, the amazing list of topics including TV recommendations! is already up, and I’m super excited to join Wandering Through the Shelves for a year-long-journey! But before 2017, there is a few more recommendations left for 2016.

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My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2015

Here comes the most important list of last year – the best movies of 2015.  I should warn you though, this list is a weird one because I had only two 5 coffee cup rated movies I saw last year, and all the rest had been mushed into the 4 cup ratings – giving me a task of ranking  A LOT of movies I liked in an order were many didn’t even make the cut. What that means is that this list is technically not set in stone, except the Top 3, that is not interchangeable!

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The Martian (2015)

the martian

Ever since I read Andy Weir’s book The Martian, I’ve been itching to see its screen adaption with Matt Damon as Mark Watney. Anticipation was definitely there, expectations were definitely high and even though it didn’t bump Mad Max: Fury Road off its pedestal, The Martian hit all the right notes and is an amazing example of a sci-fi movie that makes you wonder how capable the human race is against the vast and mysterious universe.

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Commercial Break #31

31 macbeth floarlImages: 1) Still from Macbeth, 2) Floral by Daniel Forero

Another week has passed, I’ve survived a cold (barely as I’m still suffering slightly), I’ve worked six days in a row (half of it while being ill), I’ve seen my second favorite movie this year (from 2014 though, but it still counts) and I’ve thought about making the Commercial Break into a weekly feature uploaded on Wednesdays (or Thursdays because I need a fallback in case I mess up). So.. pretty much nothing has been going on while a lot has happened.

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