Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Blockbuster Flops

Last week I struggled, this week, I just needed to do some digging. Blockbuster flops are often something that rub me the wrong way and are usually truly bad. Because honestly, if it flops, there’s usually a reason. Anyway, I’m going off by three factors: 1) they made less than their budget, 2) they are rated fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3) I liked them. By narrowing the blockbuster flops this way, I was able to get together a list of two pretty good movies. The third is the only one that made a little more over its budget.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Remakes/Sequels/Reboots (of a movie that hasn’t got one) You Want to See

That is hell of a title for this week’s Thursday Movie Picks and to be completely honest, I’m leaving this to the last minute possible. I literally have an hour (in my time zone) to get this up on the blog so you should be certain that these three movies are the first ones to pop into my head in regards to this week’s theme. By the way, all of them are in my all time sequel wishlist movies, which is a list I didn’t know I had but apparently I do, so here it is.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Based on a TV Series

Another week, another great topic because there are a lot of big, well known movies, that are actually based on TV series! Two of these I was aware of, the third one I accidentally stumbled on, when I was fact checking as I usually do. I was like, really?, based on a TV series, cool, going on the list because that movie is a good one. Check out my list to find out which movie I’m talking about.

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My Top 10 Favorite Movies of 2015

Here comes the most important list of last year – the best movies of 2015.  I should warn you though, this list is a weird one because I had only two 5 coffee cup rated movies I saw last year, and all the rest had been mushed into the 4 cup ratings – giving me a task of ranking  A LOT of movies I liked in an order were many didn’t even make the cut. What that means is that this list is technically not set in stone, except the Top 3, that is not interchangeable!

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The Man From U.N.C.L.E

The Man From UncleCode name: spoilers.

Snatch. is my all time favorite movie. It combines humor, thrill, Jason Statham, Brad freakin’ Pitt and the behind the scenes talent that is Guy Ritchie. Now, for some years, Ritchie’s work has left me lukewarm because the spunk, that is an indescribable Snatch. feature, was sort of missing. Not that I’m saying Sherlock Holmes’ movies were bad, they just weren’t for me. This is why my expectations for The Man From U.N.C.L.E were vaguely set between like and dislike, and the movie itself was meant to dip the scales on either side – and luckily, it was for the positive!

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Commercial Break #32

commercial break 32Images: 1) Armie Hammer by Norman Jean Roy, 2) Words by unknown

Every time I sit down for a Commercial Break I struggle with the introduction, yes, this part right here. Ironically, I have the rest of the post mapped out, categorized to a point where I simply can’t stumble on the scary question: what should I write about. That’s why today this part of the post sounds like I’m saying something while it’s not saying anything.

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