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Movie That I … (2013 in retrospect)


It comes with the territory of running a movie blog that one has to do a retrospective list (or two) about movies they loved and/or hated in the soon to be ending year. Well, though I’m super bad at making ranked lists (it’s impossible for me), I still felt the obligation of sharing my favorites and less favorites from 2013 – a year where I managed to watch a little over 100 movies!…

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The Host (2013)


This review contains spoilers and it will most definitely offend those dedicated Meyer fans. So if you like Meyer, keep away because I didn’t hold back what so ever. Oh the joy of watching a bad movie that brings back all the motivation I had lost for weeks because it is so cheesy that it screams to be written about. I’ll just take a moment to enjoy this warm feeling. Oh yeah, yeah, I feel it, yes, mmm that’s good!…

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