Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Comedies

Last Thursday Movie Picks of 2018, and it’s time for some laughs! And good ones too, because I have so many great TV comedy recommendations! But I’m still going to do 3 recommendations because I’m definitely doing TMP in 2019 and I need to keep some things on the shelf for future themes! But all these 3 are amazing, and I know most of you are definitely fans of at least one of these amazing comedies.

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CB: Lots of Things In Between Scotland & Amsterdam

It’s been another hot minute since I last posted a Commercial Break but I’m determined to keep this feature up and running. Hopefully I figure out a better alternative for 2019, because it’s clear that keeping these weekly posts going might not the best solution. But, it’s still 2018, and there’s no time to waste – here’s what’s been happening.

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CB: Once Upon a Time In June

Way back in February, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I wrapped up January like a champ. Then, I sort of forgot about it and now I’m bringing the wrap up back. In other words, I’m wrapping up the entire month of June – from movies to shows to books to songs! With a bit of commentary on each of the things I saw, read and listened, and links to possible reviews and such. So take a look at everything I experienced in June, and apparently, there was a lot!

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