Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Oscar Winners Edition: Best Actor and Best Actress

This week we are back with the Oscar Winners edition for the Thursday Movie Picks series. I am, yet again, running late with the post because I’ve overbooked myself with an article for work. This happens more often than I’d like but that’s just my own fault for not scheduling these Thursday posts. Anyway, as the theme is Best Actor and Best Actress Oscar winners, I’ve decided to do a Thursday first. I’m going to list just two performances, one from each category, that have some meaning to me. You’d think it’s easy but most of my favourite Oscar wins are actually for supporting roles so.. there was some thinking involved.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Crime Family

This week’s topic could be a list of classics but I’m really lousy with watching and liking old movies.  And I know that I probably have seen many crime family movies from the late 80’s as well as 90’s, but most of them are a blur. And I guess I’m trying to find an excuse for this list not including the obvious choices one might mention under this theme. That being said, I think I make it up by at least recommending the most obvious one.

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