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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Thursday Movie Picks: Private Eye

Thursday Movie Picks

Another week of me trying to figure out my recommendations before giving up. You see, for me these very specific themes always are the hardest because I really haven’t seen that many films. With my no-double-recommendations rule as well, it sometimes sort of narrows me to a very tight squeeze. Like this week with the private eye theme. Anyway, that is the reason today’s post is like an uphill journey. Starts with the bad, ends with the good.…

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Thursday Movie Picks: A Disappearance


What I thought was going to be another hard week for me, turned out to be an easy challenge. Three movies where our main character is motivated by a disappearance, simple as that. Two movies I picked have the same director, and the third one has a similar theme to the other. They are all crime-related, obviously, and I love crime-movies and shows, which is why I like all these movies a lot.…

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# 274 – The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo


It is only fair that after the Academy Awards there should be a post about the winners, yes, I agree but I am doing things a bit differently this time. I will try to watch all the winning movies and do a separate post about them all. Some will have a bigger post (the bigger winners including the Best Movie of 2011 – The Artist) some will just have a short review – so stay tuned. This post may have…

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# 179 – What Might Be Good (trailer special)


It has been a while since I’ve done a decent trailer post where I gather some of the latest trailers and decide based on those trailers if I want to see the movie and how good of a movie it might be. As it turns out, there aren’t many trailers (except those who stand out immediately and get a post right away like Horrible Bosses did) that catch my eye but since I’m very behind on my posting and all…

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