Thursday Movie Picks: Just Not Funny Comedies

First thought that came to mind with this week’s theme was “huh?!” In other words, I’m a bit flustered at the moment and not really getting the meaning behind the theme. Is it to list comedies that I think are not funny? Well, that would include almost every comedy there is, since I’m very picky about comedies. But I’d rather take it to another direction, the drama-comedy angle. In other words, here are three drama-comedies, that are just not ONLY funny but also full of wisdom!

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Histology of 2016: Part 3



It is time for the most important lists of 2016, the two lists that matter the most: the list of best books and best movies I read and saw last year! And though it’s always hard to put things in a certain perspective, it’s even harder to put them in an order, but I’ve done this for many years and I think I’ve got it! So despite my fears and the slow burning panic that started somewhere in the middle of November, these lists took me less time than I had planned.. which is not to say that they didn’t take more than an hour, because they did but it was all for a good cause!

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Commercial Break #52

My vacation is coming to an end soon, Monday marking its final day and I’ve been fairly productive. I’ve watched some shows, I’ve done some posting, and drafted many others. I read, I went mushrooming and I spend some time with the family. All in all, I’m sad that it’s coming to an end, put thrilled to get back to work mode.

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