Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Twisty Thrillers

When I first read today’s topic, I thought it said Thirsty Thrillers.. which would have been a very funny theme. Maybe in 2019, I could recommend Thirsty Thrillers as one of the themes. It would require listing boring thrillers that try too hard. But we’re still in 2018, and I am recommending the good ones, the there’s a twist around every corner type thrillers. I’m going with a theme-ish selection by picking three 90’s thrillers with one word titles.

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Thursday Movie Picks: Movies Based on a TV Series

Another week, another great topic because there are a lot of big, well known movies, that are actually based on TV series! Two of these I was aware of, the third one I accidentally stumbled on, when I was fact checking as I usually do. I was like, really?, based on a TV series, cool, going on the list because that movie is a good one. Check out my list to find out which movie I’m talking about.

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