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The First Monday in May

Thursday Movie Picks: Parties


This the season to party… no matter how intimate, how wild, with co-workers or with strangers, December usually means parties. In some way or the other, everyone has had or will have at least one party this month, even if it’s a at-home-in-pjs-drinking-wine-alone kind of party. So here are three movies for inspiration that showcase some form of enthusiastic parties and party goers.…

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The First Monday in May (2016)

Documentary Movie

For those who do not know, and there might be many of you because I don’t mention this often, but I love, LOVE, fashion documentaries! I’ve seen The September Issue more than five times, and I’ve tried to watch as many as I have been able to get my hands on. And when I finally got the chance to see The First Monday in May, I was thrilled, and I’m still thrilled, because this documentary is another very interesting look…

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