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Trip Down Memory Lane: 8 Blog Posts From 8 Years of Blogging

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On Tuesday my blog celebrated its 8th birthday all by itself because it’s creator had completely forgotten! To make up for my absent celebration, and for being such a lousy blog-owner, I decided to walk down memory lane. More importantly, I decided to share 8 random posts from each year Mettel Ray has existed since […]


Commercial Break #15

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Me and grumpy-Jake bring you some holiday cheer and hope you all enjoy Christmas! Though it is custom to give gifts to each other, I’m giving you a Commercial Break instead. It’s partly because I would have no idea what to get to you guys and partly because I have tendencies to ramble way too […]


The Fall of Paul Spector

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ThisĀ  essay-review contains a great deal of spoilers. This is the face of a man that will soon be in many fantasies as Christian Gray but that is nothing compared to the character of Paul Spector – a fascinating serial killer who will remain a perfect mystery. Spector is a hunter, as it was implied […]


The Fall (Pilot)

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This post is quite spoiler free. The few times I’ve reviewed just the pilot episode of a certain series, I have ended up disliking it and consequentially stopped watching it all together. This will most likely not happen to The Fall as I absolutely loved the pilot episode and will continue to tune in for […]