The Age of Adaline

Thursday Movie Picks: On the Run

There are many movies with the theme of running away.. either running away from the bad guys or the good guys. There are many movies that come to mind but I have three that I want to mention because those were the first that came to mind. Plus one that I’ve already mentioned and will […]

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The Age of Adaline (2015)

There are, like always, some spoilers. Before reading this review there are two fundamental things you need to be aware of; first, I’m not particularly a fan of romantic movies in general and secondly, I’m not particularly a fan of Blake Lively and her body of work. So you could imagine my surprise when I […]

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Commercial Break #24

Some of you might have already guessed it but I’m putting it out there – May is Mettel Ray’s birthday month! That’s right, the whole month will be filled with posts and events and though I haven’t been preparing like I had planned, I’m still going forward with the whole idea. And trust me, I’ve […]

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