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Tanya Reynolds

Emma. (2020)


I wouldn’t call myself a Jane Austen fan. With my inherent ability to avoid classics, I haven’t picked any of her books up. I do however love the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice with all my heart. So when I saw that Emma. was available online after spending so little time in the theatres, I jumped on the opportunity to check it out. And just like that I spent my Friday evening together with Emma..…

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Sex Education (Season 2)


Last year, around this time, I fell in love with Sex Education. A quirky UK original Netflix show about teenagers and their sex problems. It was funny, emotional and I definitely rooted for most of the characters. Now that season 2 is out I can safely say that Sex Education is still one of the best shows! Still hilarious, still relevant and still telling diverse stories that are very important. It also brings on screen an unique Romeo and Juliet…

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