O girl, where art thou?

Although, I’m breaking like so many of my own rules at the moment (not a movie related post AT all), I wanted to apologize for my absence this week. I’ve been literally walking tons of miles and socializing for two days now and I had no posts prepared (at least not 100% ready for posting) […]

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I’m in Helsingborg, Sweden!

Not sure how happy you all are about these kinds of announcement posts but I’ve re-located. Not to make it too complicated I decided that NOTHING will actually change in this blog.. it’s just that I’m now living in Sweden!  I thought about not writing this into a blog post but since I’m like super […]

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Random ramble

Seriously guys, this is going to be such a random post because I have nothing specific in mind at the moment and since Wild Wednesday is meant for what ever there is going on I thought I’d give “what’s in my mind” thing a chance. To be fair, most of the things in my mind […]

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