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# 164 – Sucker Punch


So I finally went to the movies again – yay for that. A big slap for the movie choice though, Sucker Punch managed to be an absolute storyline failure. Though the visual and musical aspect of it all saved it a little bit for me. But watching this at home in front of a small 12 inch monitor (my laptop which is my main movie provider) would have been a disappointment. Though Zack Snyder is good.. 300 was pretty awesome.…

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# 52 – Sucker Punch


Zack Snyder is the guy who brought us 300 and Watchmen.. now he’s back with little less man-power. Sucker Punch is a movie starring six chicks who know how to fight and who look good in tiny little outfits. Will it be good, I have know idea, the story-line at the moment is light – she is escaping some facilty. (Oh, the tagline in IMDb says: Alice in Wonderland’ with machine guns, which I thought was pretty cool). But even…

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