Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Period Drama Horror

This the season to be scary! Which is ironic since Halloween edition scares me a lot. Being quite new to the horror genre I’m sure I’ll start repeating myself with these movies. It’s inevitable, honestly. But this week, since horror is paired with period dramas, I’m pushed into a very tiny corner. So, I’m improvising. I’m bringing you three movies that have horror elements but are not all horror movies per-say. Also one is technically not even a period drama. All three have one common actress though so I guess that sort of makes up for it, yes?

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Stoker (2013)


Over a month has passed since I wrote my last movie review and it’s the first one this year so obviously this is a very special post. So for a special post I have chosen a special movie and when I say this, I mean that Stoker is very special because ever since I watched it I have had this weird feeling that it somehow crawled under my skin or something. And when somebody said to me that they didn’t like Stoker because it bothered them it hit me, Stoker is disturbing and weird, and that is why I loved it!

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