Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

I used the Queen as the main image because I want to emphasize the fact that she was the best thing in this movie solely due to the fact that Theron is a great actress!

With all that gossip and back-lashing that was (and still is) going around Kristen Stewart and the director of the movie I’m about to review, I could not not watch the movie. I mean the actual reason why I even decided to see the movie was because of that drama that the two caused in the entire Hollywood/media world. Without that, I would have never even turned an eye towards the Snow White and the Huntsman and in the end something good did come out of this. And by good I mean, I can finally write a pretty negative review (haven’t done those in a while) on the movie that trashed the beloved fairytale of my childhood from the very beginning.

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