Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: The Cold

Sitting here in my room, sipping coffee, wearing two layers and a blanket – it’s cold, it’s winter time and I love it! I’m a huge fan of the colder weather, so this week’s theme is perfect for me! I tried to think of movies that were more family friendly and funny. Winter is such a dark time anyway, with the sun rising and setting during work hours, so some lightness is necessary.

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My favorite winter movies


The title says it all, these are my favorite winter movies and before you start listing movies that are left out and far better than these; this is just a list of 10 movies that came to my mind first. Most likely they have some weird memory attached to them, some family thing or something cheesy like that. I do think that every person has a different list, a different kind of memory with snow but these are mine. They are all a bit childish and funny, because I like to cuddle up with tea and laugh with these movies and I really couldn’t recall movies that had snow and were made these past few years…

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