Sleepy Hollow

My Current Top 5 Ships on TV

My addiction of TV-shows is obvious to everyone who knows me well enough to have suffered through my rant about a show or two. Yes, there are way too many shows out there and no, it’s not possible to choose specific ones because I like so many for so many different reasons. I’m undecided like […]

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Intro: Sleepy Hollow

The fact that I haven’t posted for almost two weeks makes me anxious and since a lot of work and school work is demanding my attention (in addition to Scandal which is taking over my life), I can’t seem to find time to write a review. Solution? Yet another intro post and this time around […]

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WW: Mid-week Roundup

I never thought this would happen but I’m in a serious need to update on news in the middle of the week because there’s just too much! First off, the Lammy’s are almost over, secondly, a lot of shows have wrapped up and last but not least, many new fall schedule shows are already making […]

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