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All The 60 Shows, Mini- & Docuseries I Saw in 2020 – Part 1


As you can probably tell by the title I’m gathering up ALL the shows I watched in 2020. Not just the full on TV-shows but also miniseries and documentary miniseries as well. There’s going to be A LOT of different things here which is why it’s also divided into two parts. It’s not technically a worst to best list but Part 2 will contain 15 of my favourites. The main idea is just to show you guys that I watched…

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Why I love TV-shows so much!?

Extra Mettel Ray Tv-show

Has it ever happened to you that you watched a movie and a week later you have totally blanked in regarding of remembering the movie? Well, it happened to me, and I guess it wasn’t a good movie if I can’t even recall its name. So my planned review, which I wanted to write instead of studying, is going to be just a ramble about my TV-show addiction. I am gonna call this post, why I love TV-shows so much!…

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