Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Private Eye

Another week of me trying to figure out my recommendations before giving up. You see, for me these very specific themes always are the hardest because I really haven’t seen that many films. With my no-double-recommendations rule as well, it sometimes sort of narrows me to a very tight squeeze. Like this week with the private eye theme. Anyway, that is the reason today’s post is like an uphill journey. Starts with the bad, ends with the good.

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Favorite TV characters: part 1

At first, I wrote top 5 and then I thought I’m definitely NOT able to name just 5 – so I made it into 10 and categorized it as main male characters (supporting characters will have their own list as well as two female top 10 lists – long feature thing for September) which also means more reading for you – isn’t this just the best news you have heard this week?

PS: Making this list  has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done – seriously, it was like trying to pick between dozens and dozens of kittens!

Following my last list that I posted on Wild Wednesday (way way back in July) I gave this one much more thought because it was really difficult to come up with my favorite male characters (there are so many of them) and then put them into an order of some sorts. Therefore I’m gonna say right up front, the order is not necessarily set in stone – my moods change and love for shows/characters changes but this will be the top 10 of my current mind set. Also, to clarify this a bit, I didn’t want to pick no more than one character from one specific show – other wise it would have been impossible to form a list of some sorts – I’m telling you, I love my shows and my characters!

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Mr. Awards – Guy Ritchie

Starting a new and hopefully a successful series of posts which was originally supposed to be an one time thing but happened to be more exciting as a longer commitment to this blog. Mr. Awards is obviously, as the name states, an award but it can be Mrs. Awards as well. It will be given, by me of course, to a man or a woman in the movie world for their body of work. It can be an actor or a director, a composer or a script writer – no limits of any kind from my part. Hell, it can even be an award for an outstanding blogger! Also, there is no certain logic to the order of these awards being contributed, it is done in random and therefore the first luck of the draw gives us the first receiver – director Guy Ritchie.

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Got some new DVD’s

Today was a good day, I went to the store and I saw that there was a really good deal on DVD’s. Had a bit of a challenge choosing the ones I really wanted but I think I ended up with good ones. Maybe if I go back to the store soon I will also get Spider-Man 3 but since I don’t have the first two I feel like its cheating. Since the Angelina Jolie Tourist and Salt didn’t appeal to me, apparently not to others as well cause there were a lot of those DVD’s and only one of the ones I got. The first one I got was The Social Network! I was thrilled that I got it for such a low price, not because I wouldn’t pay more money for it, but just the idea of getting something good for a great price is a-ma-zing!

The box had a box – packaging to the max.
They look like boobies, just putting it out there.

But my purchase didn’t end there, I also gave in and bought the second Sherlock Holmes. And no, not the sequel but literally the same movie in a different box. I had Sherlock Holmes in a black dvd-box before and now I got a white one because I didn’t want to be racist. Kidding! I’m totally racist and giving away the white one to a friend. But all jokes aside, the color of the box doesn’t actually matter as much as the fact that the the black dvd-box has the two DVD’s separate – much healthier for the DVD’s themselves. Anyway, there was also a nice 15% discount thingie in both of the boxes without an expiration date so, see you in 5 years Scotland Yard Pub.

Jude Law, Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr.
Black box promoting the “healthy DVD” placement.
Buy a DVD, get a discount on alcohol – sounds about right.

# 192 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (trailer special)

Another action hero (kind of) returns: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson will be on screens this December with no other than Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law as the stars. The reason why I was excited about the first movie was Guy Ritchie and the same reason applies for this one. The trailer is promising and what I can tell this one might be better than the first, I don’t know why but I have this feeling about it. Plus, it is so nice to see Robert and Jude back together and if nothing else, they are the reason why to watch A Game of Shadows where Holmes and Watson share their bromance chemistry.