Sherlock Holmes

Thursday Movie Picks

Thursday Movie Picks: Private Eye

Another week of me trying to figure out my recommendations before giving up. You see, for me these very specific themes always are the hardest because I really haven’t seen that many films. With my no-double-recommendations rule as well, it sometimes sort of narrows me to a very tight squeeze. Like this week with the […]

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Favorite TV characters: part 1

At first, I wrote top 5 and then I thought I’m definitely NOT able to name just 5 – so I made it into 10 and categorized it as main male characters (supporting characters will have their own list as well as two female top 10 lists – long feature thing for September) which also […]

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Mr. Awards – Guy Ritchie

Starting a new and hopefully a successful series of posts which was originally supposed to be an one time thing but happened to be more exciting as a longer commitment to this blog. Mr. Awards is obviously, as the name states, an award but it can be Mrs. Awards as well. It will be given, […]

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Got some new DVD’s

Today was a good day, I went to the store and I saw that there was a really good deal on DVD’s. Had a bit of a challenge choosing the ones I really wanted but I think I ended up with good ones. Maybe if I go back to the store soon I will also […]

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