Spring Breakers (2013)

Spring Breakers

This post is designed towards giving away too much information – putting it simply, spoilers.

Everything you’d know before watching Spring Breakers will most likely work against it. The over hyped sexual context, the lack of clothes, the Disney graduates and last but not least, the egoistic James Franco. Yet, Harmony Korine manages to create a harmonized multidimensional story that actually feels authentic if you stop watching 10 minutes before the actual end.

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Hotel Transylvania (2012)

hotel transylvaniaAfter waking up this morning I discovered something unusual for me, I didn’t know what to write today! Simply no ideas what so ever and I was pretty much against reviewing Amour because I don’t need the sadness at the moment. This unexciting story ends with the fact that I had totally blanked out on the memory of me watching Hotel Transylvania last week and if I hadn’t written it down in my soon to be replaced notebook, I would have missed the chance to be a little critical following the extremely great movies I have been seeing lately. Not that I love being critical, it’s just, a different kind of thing to write and to create a view.. ah, who cares, I love being critical!

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