CB: Two + Two Weeks Worth of News & Rambles

Sitting down to write these weekly posts (sometimes cramping two or three weeks into one post, this time including an unpublished CB draft!), I always struggle to remember what I have been up to. Good thing I log almost everything into online platforms, such as Letterboxd and Goodreads. Now I only need to start keep track of my shows better, and I’m good to go. Anyway, here are two+two weeks worth of rambles.

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Save the Date (2012)

save the dateCloudy with a chance of tiny spoilers.

Gravitating towards small independent movies comes and goes in waves for me but it seems I’ve been surfing a big one lately. There’s just no motivation what so ever to watch and review every Best Picture nomination like I did last year, but just a strong urge to watch movies that don’t get big releases and awards thrown at them. Small, understated and misunderstood movies that mostly keep reassuring me that it’s okay to not know anything about everything.

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