Ocean’s Eight (2018)

From the depths of my drafts comes a movie review I wrote many months ago.

There was an article about Ocean’s Eight I stumbled on, which gave me a moment of thought. It stated that the lack of conflict, which some critics see as a negative about the film, actually highlights the importance of a female led film. It makes sense and I agree with that point of view… but Ocean’s Eight is still a pretty boring movie.

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American Horror Story (Season 2): Asylum

AHS Asylum

Warning! This posts is mostly meant for those who have seen and enjoyed the second season of AHS. In other words, this post contains SPOILERS!

When it comes to some shows, I decide to go with the ignore all season and then spend the entire day watching all the episodes back to back option. As you can guess, American Horror Story’s second season had the pleasure to be consumed all at once this year. Then all of a sudden it had the pleasure to be forgotten completely and if Sati from Cinematic Corner hadn’t mentioned my lack of review about the Asylum oriented season, this post wouldn’t be here. So thank you, Sati!

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