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Santa Clarita Diet

Top 10 Favourite TV Couples Who Deserved Better

10 For 10 Mettel Ray

I’m addicted to TV-shows. That’s such an obvious statement but it’s the truth. I also love to ship characters and sometimes my favourite couples just don’t work out. So today for 10 For 10 I want to share 10 TV couples who I think deserved better. In other words, I think these shows messed up and I don’t like it. Mostly because these couples weren’t the end game and I wanted very much them to be.…

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Santa Clarita Diet (Season 1)


It has been ages since I was thrilled about a TV show and dedicated a full post to it and now I have two I want to talk about – The OA and Santa Clarita Diet. Both are Netflix shows, I saw both ages ago, both have just 10 episodes in their first season and both are weird and quirky in their own special way. One has more unknown names and the other has bigger stars but both have teenage…

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Commercial Break #67


This week is going to be a lot better than the last one. Why? Because I got to go to the film quiz thingie today (we were dumb and all the questions I got right were about movies from the 21st century), I only have to work two days this week, I’m getting a new tattoo on Saturday AND I have the joy of getting a year older to “enjoy” on Sunday. Granted, the birthday part isn’t as good because once…

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