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Sam Rockwell

Hidden Gems: Sam Rockwell

Actor/Actress Hidden Gems

Part of me thought I had one more day of June but turns out that was not correct so here we are. On the last day of June, discussing three Sam Rockwell movies and trying to find a hidden gem. This month was strange to say at least. Rockwell has had a lot of smaller roles and I happened to see two of them. Needless to say, I feel like I didn’t get my Rockwell fix at all.…

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Top 10 Movie & Tv-Show Beards That Are So Perfect That UGH

10 For 10 Mettel Ray

You know that feeling when something’s so perfect that you just hate it. Yeah, there’s a word for love and frustration all rolled in one – it’s “ugh”. And you know what usually makes me grind out that word, beards. Really good beards. Because no matter how closely I look, or how many times I inch towards that screen, that beard is not as close to me as it should. And yes, this is a lust post – enjoy!…

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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Spoofs / Satires / Mocumentaries

Thursday Movie Picks

This week allows three different type movies to be listed and I’m going to go with satires. It seems the one I’ve seen the most and most likely enjoy the most. Spoofs aren’t really my thing and I haven’t seen enough mocumentaries to recommend them. The one I’ve seen isn’t my jam either. So spoofs it is and I’m glad to say that one is quite a recent one.…

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Looking Back: 10 Movies That Shaped Me in the Last Decade


One of the hardest things for me, even after blogging for close to 10 years, is listing things. Listing movies in a particular order, naming favourite TV shows, putting performances in a certain row – just any kind of list and I’m hyperventilating. So instead I’m deluding the pressure by creating a non-list list. In other words, I’m going to talk about 10 movies that shaped me in the past 10 years. It’s a tribute to the movies that left…

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Bae-Watch: Ranking 10 of My Current Baes

Extra Top 10

The always wonderful Margaret over at Cinematic Corner ranked her boos on Twitter ages ago. And of course that gave me the idea to rank my own. Because, let’s face it, this blog deserves some eye candy! So here it is, eye candy time! Based on my current mood and emotional state (fragile and hormonal), I’m ranking ten of my current actor baes.…

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ScrapBook: The 2018 Award Season


I have always loved scrapbooks, journaling and notebooks… but from afar. Me actually completing a scrapbook or even a notebook would qualify as a miracle. Therefore I have decided to take my scrapbook dreams and apply them to my blog. For my first attempt to online scrapbook, I’ve compiled my favourite moments, captures, quotes and winners from this year’s award season!…

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CB: Welcome to My New Home & Catching a Breath

Commercial Break

As many of you probably noticed, and what hopefully brought you here, was my latest post on my old blog-address. Yes, the title was a total clickbait moment but I don’t get many of those, so I hope you forgive me that one. In other words, welcome to my new home, my own little special corner of the Internet brought to you through sweat, tears and hours worth of “how to” articles: it’s been a blast! So even if there…

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