Fracture (2007)

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It was mentioned a while back that I haven’t been able to watch movies for a while. I mean, I have seen some, but the overall mood for a movie is bit on the down low. Since then, I have re-visited my favorites in order to get my mind back on track. Fracture wasn’t a […]


# 269 – Movie x 3

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So I have been totally not blogging again, I don’t know why this keeps happening because I certainly have enough to blog about. But to make the “coming up” list a bit lighter I decided to kick some movies into one post. The movies I chose are made a decade ago or even more than […]


# 90 – 4in1

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Here’s another post filled with trailers. I stumbled on them this morning and I have to be honest, trailers don’t excite me as much as they used to.  But some just seem to get to me and here they are – one not so good one that just makes me mad and three serious movies […]