Fracture (2007)

It was mentioned a while back that I haven’t been able to watch movies for a while. I mean, I have seen some, but the overall mood for a movie is bit on the down low. Since then, I have re-visited my favorites in order to get my mind back on track. Fracture wasn’t a movie that came to my mind straight away, it was something that was actually reminded to me and I was glad, oh how I was glad that it came back to my life!

Although I saw it years ago, probably in 2007, some of the scenes and the general plot was still something I remembered and I can’t believe that I had forgotten it. Not only does it have the legend himself, Anthony Hopkins, but my new favorite Ryan Gosling who, especially now, is like the sexiest thing alive. Though he lost the title in 2010 to Bradley Cooper, something that literally caused a protest!, he become the Time Magazine’s coolest man alive in 2011, which is way better.

But I am so loosing the actual point of this post, Fracture the movie is about this intellectual man (Hopkins) who kills his wife. There is no doubt about it, the plot doesn’t hide it from the audience and it reveals it to the rest of the characters as well. The problems surface when things are taken to court, against a young and talented attorney (Gosling), when the killer crushes his opponent’s case against him. There are couple of other stories parallel to the main plot which I am not gonna give away. I will say this, if you are looking for a thriller and a solid crime movie, this is excellent for it. Especially because Hopkins is a genius!

Time for some Anthony Hopkins appreciation. The guy has been around since the 60’s, his almost 75 and he has several projects, including playing Hitchcock and Hemingway, ahead of him. Mostly known for his portrayal of Hannibal Lecter which goes beyond saying, I feel like he is the perfect bad guy because he seems so harmless but at the same time, he has the ability to look scary. Now I just want to watch Hannibal again… Oh what the heck, I am going to watch The Silence of the Lambs tonight after I enjoy myself some theater.

What was supposed to be a review post has yet again turned into a nonsense contest and I am deeply sorry for that. But as I have some free time on my hands and my fingers are itching for some writing, I think I’m going to post some other stuff soon enough. Some silly ones, some more serious ones and couple of lists for my own pleasure. I like lists. And list-making. Mmmm, lists.

Let me know what your favorite Hopkins movie is in the comments cause I am dying for some comments here, please, thank you!

# 269 – Movie x 3

So I have been totally not blogging again, I don’t know why this keeps happening because I certainly have enough to blog about. But to make the “coming up” list a bit lighter I decided to kick some movies into one post. The movies I chose are made a decade ago or even more than that. This feels ridiculous to say that a movie made in 2002 was released a decade ago! Anyway, I had seen all these movies before and I just wanted to go back to them for various reasons.

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Se7en (1995) – #26 in the IMDb Top 250 movies!

We all know who David Fincher is right? Cause he has so far given us Fight Club, The Social Network and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo US to name a few. But back then, in 1995 he had so far done only Alien³ and Se7en was his second feature film. I went back to it for couple of reasons. Fincher was obviously one of them (because I planned to see his latest movie which I did) and the other was Brad Pitt due to his Oscar campaign .

There was no reason to be disappointed, Se7en was a good thriller that was exactly how I remembered it. I was not sure about the whole plot but I knew what was coming in the end which was kind of sad because I would have liked to enjoy it by not knowing. To say vaguely, Se7en is a story of an about to retire detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) who gets his last case with a new detective Mills (Brad Pitt) who just moved to the city with his wife (Gwyneth Paltrow). The serial-killer they are hunting is a total madman portrayed by the amazing Kevin Spacey – that man is just all aces in my book – and his villain was great.

Murder by Numbers (2002)

Compared with Se7en, Murder by Numbers can’t compete but I think in some ways it is a must-see in case you are a) Sandra Bullock fan or b) Ryan Gosling fan. Though I think I like Bullock more in her romantic-comedy roles because for me she is too light to pull off the dark detective type. While I was quite okay with her portrayal of Mayweather she was outplayed by Michael Pitt who doesn’t have to do much to look dark. But Ryan Gosling was of course the first reason I went back to this movie cause I saw the commercial on TV and I thought why not visit this movie once more.

Giving the twisted teenagers another angle, the two high-school teens plan the perfect murder. Gosling together with Pitt (who really embraces these kinds of roles – see Funny Games) plan it out and make it happen, you will know how the killing unfolded right in the end when Mayweather discovers the truth. Of course if you are a true crime lover you will anticipate the ending because it is textbook but sometimes a textbook storyline is good for you – sometimes.

Billy Elliot (2000)

I wanted to do a post where the movies are listed based on the year they were made but I decided I wanted to end with a brighter note. Billy Elliot sure is a bright note, this is not only a British must-see coming of age movie it is also something that represents two great beginnings. One of them is a directorial debut by Stephen Daldry who has since directed The Hours, The Reader and also Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close which I am going to see very soon! The other is the actor debut of Jamie Bell who plays Billy Elliot, the aspiring ballet dancer.

Though nominated for 3 Academy Awards, it did not win any of them but that doesn’t matter. Billy Elliot is just a nice and a sweet movie to see. Although there were times when I thought that Billy wants to tap-dance I guess I can’t really pick on those moments because he was just portraying his emotions through dance and I guess he felt like kicking. Yeah, now it makes more sense to me, after I thought about it. As for Jamie Bell, well he sure was great as a kid and I keep waiting for him to take another lead role in a great movie. Until then, I am waiting for Man on a Ledge where he has a supporting role. PS: The ending of Billy Elliot is just so strong and powerful that I didn’t want it too end!

# 259 – Golden Globe Awards 2012

Before the nominations for Academy Awards are announced (January 24th) there is one important award show for movies and also TV-shows. Therefore it pretty much gives an idea where the bigger Oscars are going to go (it happened last year). But since I did not do a post about the Globes last year I decided to do one this year.

It will basically be just a list of those who are nominated and some of my ideas about who should get the award. Basically just a very subjective rant based on my own favorites. Although I have not seen all of the movies/TV-shows which is pretty much a problem but it has not stopped me before. So here are the nominations (not all of them – you can see the full list here) for the 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

Best Motion Picture – Drama

The Help (2011)

Hugo (2011/II)

Moneyball (2011)

War Horse (2011)

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

The Artist (2011)

Bridesmaids (2011)

50/50 (2011)

My Week with Marilyn (2011)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama

Brad Pitt for Moneyball (2011)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama

Viola Davis for The Help (2011)

Tilda Swinton for We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Owen Wilson for Midnight in Paris (2011)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy

Jodie Foster for Carnage (2011)

Kate Winslet for Carnage (2011)

Best Director – Motion Picture

Martin Scorsese for Hugo (2011/II)

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture

Moneyball (2011): Steven Zaillian, Aaron Sorkin, Stan Chervin

Best Television Series – Drama

“Boss” (2011)

“Homeland” (2011)

Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy

“Glee” (2009)

“New Girl” (2011)

Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy

Thomas Jane for “Hung” (2009)

Matt LeBlanc for “Episodes” (2011)

As you can see, I left out a lot of the categories cause I thought it would be pointless to have the full list in my blog. But that put aside, I am thrilled that Johnny Galecki is finally nominated for a Golden Globe for his character in The Big Bang Theory. I am quite sure, that Big Bang is the best comedy out there at the moment – next to the new comer New Girl. Zooey Deschanel got a nomination for her role in the New Girl as well as the show itself. I bet they get at least one of the Globes.

George Clooney in The Descendants

As far as the movies go, there are a lot of big names this year – Scorsese, Spielberg and Clooney. And if we are already talking about Clooney, why not mention that he has had a very good year – The Descendants and The Ides of March are both nominated accordingly for 5 and 4 Golden Globes! Although I am surprised that Drive got only one nomination (for a supporting role) but I am happy that despite that Ryan Gosling got TWO nominations for best actor in both drama and musical/comedy category (The Ides of March and Crazy, Stupid, Love).

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Everybody are talking about The Artist going for the Academy Award for best movie so there is no reason why it should not win the Golden Globe for best movie in musical/comedy category. I am really hoping that Bridesmaids does not take the win from it, although I would not mind if 50/50 would be the best out of them all. With that category I am all out of ideas which is sad cause I have many more about the drama movies this year. I mean, I have seen only two but it seems like a pretty tough competition between all of them. I am a little bit surprised that The Help is in the drama slot – I was certain it was something between a dramatic comedy. It did have the very comedic character portrayed by Jessica Chastain (most memorable for me personally). Anyway, my stupidity aside, The Help has 5 nominations – out of which two are both for the supporting actress.

Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer in The Help

I am quite sure that it will get at least one but I am thinking that when it comes to the best drama movie of the year The Descendants and The Ides of March would be the bigger names this year – just because I like George Clooney a lot at the moment (had an Ocean’s marathon). Though I have a slight suspicion that one of the bigger names will get it instead – Hugo or War Horse. But who knows, maybe Moneyball is the best of them all and will win big. Either way I am grossing my fingers for Clooney and Gosling and a little bit for American Horror Story for going for the best television series – drama.

Until the winners are announced, there is lots of other posts to look forward to, maybe even some among these lists (I know there are three at least). And then, after not such a long wait,  the winners are announced on January 15th, there will be another post about the results which hopefully will make Clooney happy.

# 208 – Crazy, Stupid, Love

Without further ado, I present you my favorite romantic comedy of the year! Brilliant cast, nice story-lines and a twist that I wasn’t expecting. Maybe I was slow that day but I’m rather happy I didn’t expect it because it gave the movie so much more in the end. If I had googled the movie before I went to see it I would’ve seen the twist before hand so I do not recommend doing that. Much more fun to find out during the movie.

It’s even hard to tell something about this movie’s story without spoiling something but the easiest way is to say it is a movie about two different love affairs: one between a wife and a husband, the other between a experienced man and his lovers. First couple is of course the lovely Steven Carell and Julianne Moore: they brake up in the beginning and Steven’s character seeks help from a ladies man played by Ryan Gosling. His conquests of course need to come to an end with the lovely Emma Stone who of course is always funny and charming.

These four bring the main stories but there is also the story of the married couples son who is in love with his babysitter who is in love with Steven’s character. Yes, there is this whole drama around Steven’s character that pretty much holds the movie up on its feet and makes it funny. I do think that it is as good as a romantic comedy can get, although a little weird at times, it seemed logical and realistic enough to make it so far my favorite comedy of this year. Although there is a movie that comes really close but lacks the sophistication of Crazy, Stupid, Love. It isn’t corny because the acting doesn’t let it go that far – Steven and Ryan are brilliant in what they do while Julianne and Emma are both great in matching them. Some of the scenes felt really real thanks to their chemistry and by that I mean especially Ryan and Emma – just lovely!

No surprise that the stories are good, the writer Dan Fogelman has written many great things over the years – Cars for example and Tangled (which I liked a lot). Both have high scores on IMDb and Crazy Stupid Love is no different – 7,9 on IMDb and 4,5 out of 5 from me makes this a great entertainment like on a Friday night at home with friends!  This has mixed reviews though, a little of both opinions about it but as far as I think it was much better than the average rom-com. (A bit Easy A type as I come to think of it but I just might be thinking too much about Emma Stone.)

• Images from CinemaBlend.

# 204 – 4 in 1 (trailer special)

This trailer special is a little bit more organized than the previous ones: the trailers are listed in an order by their release date in the USA. Since I’m a little behind on the trailer front I’m doing this another more than one in one post.

• Starting with a movie that was already released on August 19th: Fright Night. Since vampires are in at the moment Marti Noxon comes back to show us how it’s really done. The writer behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and many others/plus a producer) brings us a story about a young teen (Anton Yelchin – adorable little thing) who wants to kill a vampire called Jerry (Colin Farrell). Hopefully it looks as good as it sounds: Toni Collette, David Tennant and even Dave Franco are in this one as well.


• Next month, on September 16th Drive comes out: a movie that stars the oh-so-popular-man-at-the-moment Ryan Gosling looks so much like Transporter and I know this because the trailer is like a 2 minute movie (as it was also pointed out in a comment under that video) – Americans should learn how to make trailers! Besides that – a typical action movie I reckon, nothing special, Ryan looks good though.


• After that, another chance to see Anton Yelchin is on October 16th but this time in a romantic drama. Like Crazy tells a story of a couple who is forced to be apart because of an expired visa. It looks like something I want to see and it also reminds me of One Day, a movie that just came out – but romance is always a little bit different.


• With all the previous movies it’s a good chance to see them all before 2012 kicks in but with The Odd Life of Timothy Green a Disney movie that stars Jennifer Garner, Joel Edgerton (from The Secret Life of Us) and Cameron “CJ” Adams as Timothy (adorable kid in his break-through role in my opinion) the wait is long. This comes out on August 15th 2012 – and even though it kind of looks like Benjamin Button and is a Disney movie – I’m still looking forward for this.


# 195 – The Ides of March (trailer special)

To be completely honest, I haven’t watched a serious drama in a long time and actually there hasn’t been anything that has interested me – except now. When the ever favorite George Clooney writes and directs a movie with him in the lead and the guy who stole our heart in The Notebook, Ryan Gosling next to him you surely would think that nothing can go wrong.

The movie is very political, lots of intrigue and all of it seems like something my mom would definitely love. I hope it is as interesting as The Ghost Writer was which was probably the last political drama I watched. Helping along the seriousness is the rest of the cast that includes Paul Giamatti, Philip Seymore Hoffman, Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei – looks like a really great mix for a movie about soon to be president that seems to be playing it dirty all the way.


But the trailer (and Clooney/Gosling) isn’t the only reason why I wanted to do this post, I actually was stunned by the poster. Is it the similarities between the men or is it just the  idea that is just genius but The Ides of March has probably the most visually interesting poster of a drama movie. After the movie comes out on October the 7th, I definitely hope to get myself that poster.

# 162 – Crazy Stupid Love

Another long wait for me with this new romantic comedy Crazy Stupid Love which stars many of my favorites: Steve Carell, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore and the always great Kevin Bacon. So the list of stars is rather awesome and what looks like to be a Hitch (2005 Will Smith movie) like movie with a man who knows everything about women (Gosling) helping a guy who has just gotten a divorce (Carell) to get back on the saddle while falling in love himself. I hope that it turns out great and this just means there are two romcom’s coming this summer that are worth the long wait. The script might be good as well since it’s written by the same guy who wrote Tangled (2010) and directors are the same who were behind I Love You, Phillip Morris. Crazy Stupid Love comes out on July 29th.


# 158 – Blue Valentine

Last week I took the time and saw bunch of movies – was I bored? A little yes, but mostly I felt guilty cause I hadn’t watched any of the movies on my list lately and since Blue Valentine seemed like a good fit I went with that.

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams got together and made Blue Valentine – a raw and emotional love story that showed how every story starts off and then.. how some stories end. Both of their performance was absolutely amazing, there is doubt about that but in the end, I wouldn’t watch this movie for the second time. Not that it was bad, I think it was rather good and a new kind of way to show love (definitely far from Notebook) but it left me feeling nothing good (and not even bad-good) in the end. Like, I was a little mad instead cause the movie really didn’t tell me “why”. I got the whole they grew apart and falling out of love but I still felt like Michelle’s character had some unfinished thoughts and me, as a viewer, didn’t get to hear them.

This being said, maybe that was the point. The unknowingness of the story, the unfinished feelings in the end – maybe Blue Valentine simply was a story about falling in and out of love with no reason – or should I just accept the reason that simply states that they “fell out of love”. Anyway, I am apparently really questioning the movie at this point, meaning this makes you think. I would probably think even harder if I was older and maybe even felt those things Ryan and Michelle showed with so much passion and truth that it makes me wonder if they both were underrated in last years movie awards. I think that Michelle gave a better performance that Natalie Portman since they both seemed similar but Michelle had more realness behind her character. But Blue Valentine was against movies like The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Black Swan, Inception and so on – among those, it wasn’t the best movie but definitely worth more because of the performances those two gave.

So from me, 4 out of 5 to Ryan and Michelle, 3 out of 5 to the movie as a whole.

# 90 – 4in1

Here’s another post filled with trailers. I stumbled on them this morning and I have to be honest, trailers don’t excite me as much as they used to.  But some just seem to get to me and here they are – one not so good one that just makes me mad and three serious movies that got my interest.

1. Drive Angry (February 11th, 2011) –  Nicolas Cage was for a long time one of my favorite actors and then he started to fall – Ghost Rider, Knowing, Kick-Ass and the movie with the sorcerer – I get it, he likes to play supernatural things but why take on a character who broke out of hell to save his little baby girl while driving angry? Oh, and lets not forget it is 3D! It has a sexy blond girl also (what a surprise) played by the actress who was in that canceled show called Hidden Palms, movies like Never Back Down and The Stepfather, Amber Heard. I think I like her but still, I have almost no interest in this movie.


2. The Debt (December 29th, 2010) – Is it just me or does Helen Mirren do a lot of movies lately? I have now idea how she does all that she does but I love her! I also think that The Debt is a great movie – it has 3 main characters but there are 4 actors and 2 actresses playing them – 3 of them in the past (young ones), 3 in the present(?). Most of the faces are familiar, even the names but I think that the one worth mentioning is Sam Worthington. I like him too, I actually like all the actors in that movie I think – plus, the story seems to be a good one! (I’m trying to look away from the fact that the writers wrote Kick-Ass, a movie many like but I didn’t care much about it.)


3. Blue Valentine (December 26th, 2010) – I have already mentioned this movie but it has a new trailer so I thought I should mention it one more time before it comes out. Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams play a married couple, the movie focuses on them during different times and periods of their life – I’m not very sure what the movie is all about, is it a marriage story or what but I’m thinking that it might be the Notebook volume 2. It has the sad ending feel to it but who knows. The trailer isn’t helping me at this point because it doesn’t really tell me what I want to know but that is actually very interesting – anything can happen..


4. Inhale (October 22nd, 2010) – Have I told you that I adore Dermot Mulroney? No? Well, I do! I think he is amazing and under rated. Anyway, Inhale seems to bring out a side of him I haven’t seen, the raw action of a father who’s daughter has cancer and doesn’t have much time. Mulroney is pared with German actress Diane Kruger who plays the mother and they seem to have great chemistry. I have very high hopes for this one because this was the only trailer that gave me goosebumps – can’t wait to see it.


* Justin Bieber has a documentary coming out soon! (Never Say Never) – I don’t get it, why make a documentary out of a 16 year old boy who has a girly haircut and hasn’t been out of the womb long enough to establish all the necessary conditions needed to be a man?