True Blood 5×01-03

Beginning this post with a nice Estonia reference, yet again True Blood mentions this small country, this time regarding a vampire uprising that is taking place there. Well, good to know, because I now can stock up with some stakes. On a much realistic note, True Blood is bringing in more politics this season and lots of it.

I don’t really have to say that there are major spoiler ahead, right?

True Blood is a kind of show that has the perfect amount of entertainment mixed with blood and sex. Sadly, it does have the tendency to have way too many characters and a lot of them are forgotten time to time. Such situations happen when there is too much going on with the main cast including Sookie, Bill and Eric. They are the trio that are driving the show but I am slightly seeing a change in this pattern after first three episodes of season 5. It seems that the focus is now more or less divided in between other characters and there is less and less of Sookie. I assume it is because Anna Paquin is pregnant and can’t really do nudity, let’s face it, its something that has worked well for her in the past. But one thing that I would have liked to see changing was the screen time Tara (Rutina Wesley) had. She got shot in the end of season 4 but then got turned by Pam (Kristin Bauer) and now, even as a vampire, she still annoys me.

Season 5 sets in motion multiple story lines just like TB always does and one that I already mentioned I would like to ignore from now on, so the vampire-Tara gets no attention, starting from NOW. All the new plots that are emerging in the first three episodes are supposed to keep us interested and some of them actually work for the most part. As far as Eric and Bill go, at the moment, I am not very invested in how they are doing there, being all locked up and all. It is strongly connected to the former storyline of the vampire laws which is now featured from the point of view of Christopher Meloni’s character. I get that it is still heating up, but after the first episode where Eric gets saved by his sister (which is an interesting family relationship) the whole story kind of wears down. Though, the bromance between Bill and Eric, even after the whole Sookie drama, is still there and quite pleasing. Meanwhile, Pam, who’s maker is Eric, and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), Bill’s baby, finally get their spotlights that they have deserved ever since they have been on the show!

Not sure which one I like the best, but I think it is purely up to the episode itself, second and third was super exciting for Pam who gets couple of flashback scenes with Eric. She is a delightful character because she is so evil but yet so sweet. Now I can totally see why she is so cold and rigid but at the same time cares about others, the flashbacks to her past were heartbreaking – especially when she cut her wrists. She wanted to live forever because she would have died alone in the streets if Eric hadn’t come along. I feel kind of sad that she had to trick him but I guess if Eric didn’t really have to save her by making her. Jessica will probably have much more action with the new guy who appeared in episode 3 and apparently smells really good, don’t know why though, I doubt he is a male-fairy or something because Jessica should be used to that smell, with Sookie being all fairy dust shooting creature that she is. Maybe it’s an animal instinct type of thing like imprinting in Twilight. Oh no, hopefully not, cause that would be so not cool – what next, glitter Lafayette and even more sparkly Sam?

So far True Blood has explained a lot of things in a relatively logical way but when Lafayette (Nelsan Ellis) and Terry (Todd Lowe) start having supernatural problems, the former with his ex-boyfriend and the latter with his ex-combat friend, I start thinking of the worst. There are such things as going too far and I hate to see the show going the extra mile to make everything revolve around supernatural ghosts in season 5. Not to mention the whole Alcide (Joe Mangeniello) and his pack issues which don’t interest me at all. What this season should be all about is poor-poor Jason and his love/sex problem.

There is no doubt that Jason (Ryan Kwanten) has been the sweetheart on True Blood. He is the naive boy who can’t keep his pants off (to be honest, I prefer him without them anyway) but who now faces an issue regarding his ex-best-friend and his friend-with-benefits Jessica. Jason is definitely in love with the little baby vampire but she does not feel the same, especially with the guy who smells like cotton candy and sex. I hardly think that this is a reason for Jason to run to Steve (Michael McMillian), another new vampire who we know as reverend Newlin who has been around but keeps popping back up and this time I am actually thrilled to see him. Steve might go to Jason and compel him or something (oh, yes, please!), for him being gay and in love with Jason and all! – honestly, the best story line twist in season 5 so far!  McMillian is a cute actor and mixed together with his unpleasant character he becomes a treat for the eyes, so sleazy and uncomfortable that it is actually fun.

So not to make this post like way too long compared to what I usually write, I just want to add that I think my True Blood hype is wearing off. I think it is because last season had all that Eric and Sookie thing going on and this season is totally stripped of that even being a possibility (at least so far). I feel like things are not progressing but slowing down and going backwards, this is probably why a lot of the supporting characters like Terry and Andy are getting more screen time. Or is it just me who feels like the balance has shifted? I mean, do we really see so little of the golden trio and so much of others? Either way, I will keep tuning in on True Blood because Pam wore a Walmart sweat suit and turned straight for Eric or was straight for him and then turned lesbian because he was the only man she ever wanted to be with… in other words: so much confusion but so much awesomeness.

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# 186 – True Blood S4E01-02 (TV-show special)

After what seemed to be the longest wait ever, True Blood has returned and it is better than ever. Last night was the airing of the second episode and I decided to do something like summary posts about the entire season. Mostly because I need to update the blog constantly and maintain the speed of uploading posts. Anyway, this is not about me and my blog, this is about the best show during this Summer (for this Summer’s new shows – click here): blood suckers, fairies, panthers, warlocks, witches and werewolves are back!

True Blood ended last season with Sookie’s (Anna Pauquin) fairy-moment when she went to this magical place (luckily the writers made it more logical and didn’t bring in the fairy-fairy stuff) where she met her grandfather! He had been there for 20 years but it felt like hours. This could happen to Sookie but clever like she is, she got herself out of there alive and returned what seemed to be minutes later while actually months had passed! This was a great idea, making things progress inside the series, Sookie just left and we kind of left with her but for others, so much had changed. Bill is the king (after killing the queen – sadly, no Evan Rachel Wood – “alive” at least), the sheriff is addicted to V (should be interesting), Jason is taking care of the panther kids (kind of), Jessica (check our HER blog) and Hoyt are a couple with problems (one being that Jessica is a vampire), Lafayette is kind of doing magic with his boyfriend, Tara went to greener pastures (she’s gay now), Sam is running around with shape shifters and trying to make friends with his brother again and last but not least, Eric is still looking hot!

Having done some research (like I usually do), I found out that True Blood is probably considering the Sookie/Eric love-story  since in the end of the second episode we find out that Eric has lost his memory about everything, I think this in a long run means to be the green light for their love story. She already is broken up with Bill and Eric owns her house (nice move by the way) – everything is kind of pointing towards a love affair between those two. I have to admit, I’m again the girl who likes the bad guy more than the good guy but True Blood has kind of mixed up those things. Bill isn’t the angel everybody thought, in some way Bill and Eric are both bad guys and Sookie just has to make up her mind about the fact that she and Eric are meant to be (this actually is true in the books, they end up together). Is the show gonna go the same way, I hope so, everything seems to be pointing to that direction (house, loosing his memory, Bill and Sookie having issues, Sookie’s previous fantasies about him).

Other than that True Blood is well known for its multiple story-lines that are carried out through 12 episodes with one main story which usually means fighting with one bad guy. In the 4th season it seems that the bad guy is the “mother” witch that can bring dead things alive again (there is a certain word I’m searching but can’t seem to recollect) – this means bad things for vampires because they are dead and therefore she can control them (if she doesn’t know that already I’m sure she’ll figure it out soon). The actress who has the honor to play this woman (who apparently is possessed by witches and not a witch herself) is Fiona Shaw, better known as aunt Petunia in the Harry Potter saga. I haven’t read the books (yet) but I read that this is the perfect casting, she was thin and tall in the books as well plus Shaw gives me the creeps just by standing – she has that quality to her to play somebody really mean.

In other story-lines, Jason is about to become a panther which is kind of sad, I liked him as human but we’ll see what the writers will come up with. He is also the only one who knows that Andy (the sheriff) has a drug problem and he would do anything to get himself some V. Other than that, there is also the small issue with people who are having a clear problem with vampires after last seasons events and this might cause some drama to Bill who is the king now. Bill of course has this other stick in his *** called Eric who is clearly after Sookie and I would think he will try to fight for her.

As it seems, the first two episodes have been enlightening and a lot has happened and too be completely honest, I simply can’t wait for the next episode – proud to be addicted to True Blood !