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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Halloween Edition: Snow / Winter Horror

Thursday Movie Picks

Considering the fact that Horror Edition is yearly and takes up five weeks I should be more prepared, right? Well I don’t know how to prepare, apparently. So for this week I watched three fairly recent snow / winter related horror movies. One of them was not good, the other was garbage and the third hit the spot. Meaning instead of recommendations, come join me this week for three mini-reviews. Theme within a theme besides the snow / winter is…

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Ocean’s Eight (2018)


From the depths of my drafts comes a movie review I wrote many months ago. There was an article about Ocean’s Eight I stumbled on, which gave me a moment of thought. It stated that the lack of conflict, which some critics see as a negative about the film, actually highlights the importance of a female led film. It makes sense and I agree with that point of view… but Ocean’s Eight is still a pretty boring movie.…

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