Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Domestic Thrillers

How is it September already? 2020 feels like a constant blow to the head and it has sucked all the energy out of me so the concept of time has escaped me. That being said, let’s talk about domestic thrillers. First thing that comes to mind with this theme is home type setting. If this is not it, sorry, I can’t really pinpoint the actual theme that well then. So as you can tell I’m confused. And not really sure if I’m hitting the nail in the head with these picks but let’s hope I got the thriller part right.

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The 2019 Blind Spot Challenge

Can’t believe 2018 is almost over and it’s time to look towards 2019! Since I managed to be so good with my Blind Spot challenge this year, I decided to challenge myself even more in 2019. Well, that’s at least how I feel when I look at my list of 14 movies. And yes, I’m doing another trilogy month. But also, the latest movie made in this list came out in 1994. That’s pretty awesome in my opinion! That being said, take a look at my list to see which blind spots I will light up in the upcoming year!

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