ReWind: Summer in Ireland


Hey, I’M BACK !!

Looking back, Summer 13′ was quite the experience for me, I made some great friends and worked about 550 hours in 3 months. Work and trying to explore Ireland, or at least get out from the hotel I worked in, took most of my time and therefore my blog was sadly a bit stranded. I didn’t plan it but I guess life does get in your way and I can’t promise this #temporary death will never happen again, I’ll just say that I’m now back in my element and hopefully you missed me enough to return to this blog.

So before I dig back into the movie world, I wanted to share my Ireland experience for those who might be interested.. and to be honest, I need to get my writing groove back and it seemed like the right topic to get those fingers typing.

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ReWind: June


There isn’t much need for a rewind post for June but hey, at least I’m writing and letting you know I’m still among the living. Plus, this marks a year since I started this feature and it would be a shame to skip this. Anyway, working takes up the majority of my time and the rest is pretty much getting out of my working environment to some civilization. Today’s the big day though, I’ll finally get to go the cinema but since I wasn’t really part of the what-movie-should-we-see decision making, I’m going to see Despicable Me 2. Now, this wouldn’t be my first choice but at this point, I don’t care. Besides, I’m sure it’ll be a good craic (well look at me, using Irish and everything).

Numbers: 186,000+ all time views, 3,921 views, 131 average per day,  7 posts

New Record: Lowest number of movies seen in a month EVER

Movies I saw: Big Fish (re-watched) – total: 1rw

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ReWind: May

maySo I’m a little behind with this post but I’ve been experiencing a thing called nine-to-seven job which isn’t really supportive towards my creative outlet. But that’s not going to stop me from looking back at May and planning ahead for June, even though it requires some math with the numbers. That reminds me, I’m just gonna warn you not to look forward for any systematic post schedule, I’m mixing things up a bit, mostly because I have to, and keeping it fresh for the summer. Also, I’m really trying to watch movies but ten days into June, and so far, have watched exactly no movies – fingers crossed this dry spell will wear off soon.

Numbers: 181,700+ all time views, 4,289 views, 138 average per day,  18 posts

New Records: The biggest number of followers gained in one day

Movies I saw: Remember Sunday, Beautiful Creatures, The Place Beyond the Pines, 42, Iron Man (re-watched), Iron Man 2 (re-watched), The Avengers (re-watched), Ted, Iron Man 3, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, Star Trek Into Darkness – total: 8+3rw

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ReWind: April


I would be ignoring the obvious if I wouldn’t mention the fact that April was not a good month. In general, everything just seemed so blah and when I decided to have The Good Wife marathon from season 1 to season 4, I just completely shut off everything else. Now, hopefully I will get back my groove and since I’m definitely going to go cinema-crazy this month (Star Trek, The Place Beyond the Pines, Iron Man 3), the possibility of motivation hitting me in the face this month is very likely.

Numbers: 177,700+ all time views, 5,853 views, 195 average per day,  14 posts

New Records: The lowest number of movies seen, what seems to be, ever.

Movies I saw: The Departed (re-watched), Haute Tension, Friday the 13th (1980), Cabin Fever, The Evil Dead (1981), Star Wars: Episode IV (1977), The Host – total:  6+1rw.

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ReWind: March

MarchIronically, the end of March pretty much looks like the end of February – snow and ice are still covering the ground, Winter truly came and now it will never leave. But for a movie blogger, staying inside is pretty much a part time job anyways, so the outside really doesn’t matter at all. And the thing that matters the most at the moment is to bring you last month’s stats and other facts.

Numbers: 171,000+ all time views, 6,840 views, 221 average per day,  24 posts

New Records: –

Movies I saw: Animal Kingdom, Skyfall, The Makeover, Jack Reacher, Identity Thief, Burn After Reading, Fight Club (re-watched), Oz the Great and Powerful, Upside Down, The Impossible, Unbreakable (re-watched), Being John Malkovich, Psycho, Spring Breakers, Trainspotting (re-watched), Mystic River (re-watched) – total: 12+4rw.

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ReWind: February


After Google decided to go make it all honest and basically stop all image views coming to my blog, I bombed from 18,000+ views in January to 6,000+ this month. It’s a pretty big fall, especially on my birthday month but eventually I got over it. Motivation is back, baby!

Numbers: 165,000+ all time views, 6,177 views, 221 average per day,  18 posts

New Records: –

Movies I saw: Cool Runnings (re-watched), Wreck-It Ralph, Django Unchained, Harry Potter 1-4 (re-watched), The Usual Suspects, Zero Dark Thirty, Les Misérables, Lincoln, The First Time, Reservoir Dogs.

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ReWind: January


The first month of 2013 was a blast, I had fun writing, I had fun seeing the stats sky-rocket and then came the end of the month and everything came crumbling down. My motivation, the views (I think the second affected the first) but despite of a slow end, I had a best January a blogger can wish for!

Numbers: 158,000+ all time views, 18,528 views, 598 average per day,  22 posts

New Records: Best monthly views, best daily views (1,034), best daily average

Movies I saw: Argo, Killer Joe, Driving Miss Daisy, Hotel Transylvania, Silver Linings Playbook (x2), Amour, Bachelorette, Life of Pi, Here Comes the Boom, Beasts of the Southern Wild, War Witch

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ReWind: December


December was an amazing month for me with some great numbers and awesome memories, including memories outside the blog. But with no further rambling, let’s get to the numbers of December, 2012 – almost the best month of 2012!

Numbers: 140,000+ all time views,  8,730 views, 282 average per day, 18 posts

Almost a New Record: Almost beating the monthly views record, missed it by 64 views

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ReWind: November

This post comes a bit late in terms of my last ReWinds (2 days is pretty much like a life time in the blogging world), but I have been super busy and I had probably the scariest Monday ever today! Some, who follow me on Twitter, might have caught up on that interview that I had and since I don’t want to jinx it, I will bare no details about it before I will know the results (you’ll have to wait until Christmas, which is either going to be jolly or not). But enough chit-chat, let us ReWind Mettel Ray Movie Blog’s November and see what happened!rewind november

Numbers: 132,000+ all time views,  6869 views, 229 average per day, 14 posts

New Record: Unacceptable amount of posts this month, I should be ashamed

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