Mr. Robot #203

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He’s gone. He’s gone. He’s gone. At this point, I’m still confused and a lot of questions have been asked without any real answers. And still no Tyrell, which despite him being the villain, is a little sad for me.

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fsociety for President

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Though mentioned in passing, the spoilers are present. Since the very beginning, we as people, start playing games. First because of our parents, who guide us to learn through games, like books that make animal noises and organized play dates with other kids so we would learn to play with each other. As we grow […]


fsociety is Taking Over

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There is an itsy-bitsy-spoiler, dear readers! Delusional sophistication that is making fun of hashtags, the need to be constantly online and connected, not to mention drinking Starbucks’ vanilla lattes for their logo not its contents. Hyper-addictive, mind altering and simply fantastic visually, verbally and more importantly, ideally, Mr. Robot is pushing us to think past […]