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# 241 – New Shows 2011 (TV-show special)


Based on the Week in TV-shows I’m gonna do this post in a very similar way. I’m gonna divide the shows into days and those days would be the days I can watch them (which is a day after they air). Since a lot of new shows have come to surface this year it is going to be a solid post and by now I have some idea what most of these shows are all about. Monday: Against the Wall…

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# 135 – Hanna & Waiting For Forever


Today MR. Movie-Addict crossed the 5000 views mark – a quick jump for joy and let us continue with the serious stuff. I’ve seen two new trailers this week, first up – Hanna. A young girl (14 year-old) who is taught by his father to kill a bad woman. Remember my Kick-Ass review, well I said that I found it very weird that this kind of thing is used as a plot, a girl kills people and her dad watches…

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