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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks Seven Deadly Sins Edition: Pride

Thursday Movie Picks

This is the seventh deadly sin which unfortunately brings this special edition Thursday Movie Picks theme to an end. Last but not least we have pride. For me pride is the hardest to pin point because it’s not necessarily a bad word. While others have more negative connections to the word, pride can be a positive thing. Though partnered with sin I guess pride can also be super bad. Anyway, I’m taking a strange route and delivering three movies where…

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2014 in Retrospect: Part 4


Took me forever but it’s finally here, the list of my Top 15 favorite movies from 2014! As you know, I was struggling with it, I was certain some movies just had to be on it before I finished it. Then, I had to change 10 to 15, and this is the end result to hours and hours of brain cracking. Eventually, I also decided on a different favorite movie of 2014 than I had originally thought. In other words,…

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