CB: Once Upon a Time In June

Way back in February, when I had a lot of time on my hands, I wrapped up January like a champ. Then, I sort of forgot about it and now I’m bringing the wrap up back. In other words, I’m wrapping up the entire month of June – from movies to shows to books to songs! With a bit of commentary on each of the things I saw, read and listened, and links to possible reviews and such. So take a look at everything I experienced in June, and apparently, there was a lot!

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5 Shows I Stopped Watching But Am Thinking About Catching Up With

We lack the time to watch everything we want to, we have to prioritise and that is why I skimmed down my weekly TV schedule over the years. I just wanted to replace shows with books, and with that, I stopped watching bad TV, mediocre shows and even some good ones. Also, I’m much better with binge watching so sticking to something every week feels too stressful. Yet, there have been regrets, and here is a list of five shows that I stopped watching but am thinking about catching up with.

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Thursday Movie Picks Television Edition: Period Drama

Sometimes I like to think that I’m quite well experienced with television shows, even though I’m not watching them as often nowadays because I don’t have enough time. But I used to watch a lot of shows, and I know what shows are currently out there, even though I’m not watching them! Yet, despite all of this, and while I was watching 40 shows a week way back when, I rarely tuned in for period dramas… so I had quite a limited list to pick for this week.

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Histology of 2016: Part 3



It is time for the most important lists of 2016, the two lists that matter the most: the list of best books and best movies I read and saw last year! And though it’s always hard to put things in a certain perspective, it’s even harder to put them in an order, but I’ve done this for many years and I think I’ve got it! So despite my fears and the slow burning panic that started somewhere in the middle of November, these lists took me less time than I had planned.. which is not to say that they didn’t take more than an hour, because they did but it was all for a good cause!

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The Jingle Bell Book Tag

jinglebellsbooktagOh how wonderful I felt when I realised I tagged by the lovely Maria over at Big City Bookworm to do a post about books! I rarely participated in tags and blogathons this year, book and movie related, but I feel like now is time to do this one. The Jingle Bell Book Tag was created by Lois over at My Midnight Musings and with no further ado, here is my Holiday themed tag featuring some great books.

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Commercial Break #35

2f1e845df6dcde4dd790759ed300f0ceIt is back! Last time I took a commercial break, it was September and I have no idea what happened because I never planned for this ridiculously long hiatus. Technically a lot has happened, but not really. It’s just another adult life slowly drifting towards old age – in other words, my birthday’s this month and I don’t like it…

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Inside My Outlander Craze

outlander banner

Sam Heughan. Sam freaking Heughan. I have no other words at the moment because I’m completely numb from my Outlander marathon. I’m currently pacing myself with the episodes after watching six in a day (piece of cake for an experienced TV watcher), because I want to finish the book first. And the second season isn’t here yet! The wait will be difficult and I can’t imagine joining the Outlander fandom in 2014 just to wait TWO years for the next season – that just sounds way to long to be without Sam Heughan, way way too long!

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