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Thursday Movie Picks 2020

Thursday Movie Picks: Bookish Movies

Thursday Movie Picks

Despite this weeks theme being probably one of my favourites, I felt especially uninspired. For some reason I couldn’t think of three bookish movies that I like. There are definitely more but I feel like I would need to go more scene by scene for that to happen. Many characters being bookish, reading books and just having a bookish demeanour. But in a movie that’s not necessarily bookish itself. Anyway I did end up with three, one of which is…

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Hidden Gems: Amy Adams

Actor/Actress Hidden Gems

New month, new Hidden Gems challenge. This month I was looking into the career of Amy Adams. An actress that has been bringing it for years but whose filmography is not very familiar to me. Leaving out her miniseries Sharp Objects which I contemplated on watching for this at one point, I crossed off three of her movies to find a hidden gem.…

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TOP 10 SPECIAL: Year 2012 highlights – part 1


As you can see, this is the beginning of a set of TOP 10’s that will appear until a new year will come along (today, tomorrow, 28th, 31st and January 1st) and everything starts all over again. To say at least, I’m very excited to end off this year and also welcome new beginnings: 2012 has been extremely amazing! To celebrate this occasion I decided to put together five lists of things that I missed, I loved, I loved some…

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# 280 – On the Road (Trailer special)


This is a rather important piece of work, based on Jack Kerouac’s novel On the Road, which just happens to be one of the best novels from 20th century. Autobiographical story about Jack’s road trips around the America with his friends, On the Road features Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart. Now, let’s be honest, Stewart? I am not even sure about Hedlund and Riley. Who knows, maybe the supporting roles by Kirsten Dunst, Tom Sturridge, Viggo Mortensen and…

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